Hitachi Data Recovery

The block of magnetic heads on a hard drive is designed to write data and read from the magnetic platters’ surface. Since even a slight impact might create a failure in the reading parts, its damage is a relatively common problem. Failures in some HDD types may develop over time due to crystals losing their original functional characteristics. One of the most difficult hard drive issues occurs as the result of damage to the block of magnetic heads.

Clicks may occur since the drive can not determine the servo markings and where the read/write heads are located at a given time. The drive tries to start over and snaps its heads into a parking space. Next comes the action in the cycle. It again goes to the surface and again tries to determine the servo marks.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides certified solutions for customers with failed hard drives. We perform a restoration from data storage devices only in specialized facilities using our advanced tools. 

Hitachi Hard Drive Magnetic Heads Failure

A Hitachi internal hard disk that belonged to a video editor was recently delivered to us. He saved videos from recent filming but accidentally dropped his laptop. He lost access to his information and tried to read the drive’s content using other PCs via various connectors. It made an odd noise, and the Windows File Explorer did not display it.

The client decided to ask for our opinion and speak with our customer support. After that, he shipped his drive for an expedited evaluation.

Our data recovery specialists examined the hard drive in our Class 10 ISO Certified Cleanroom. The assessment revealed that a head crash to the magnetic surface had occurred. The magnetic heads scratched the platter as the client attempted to read data from the damaged disk.

Hitachi Data Recovery

This issue is caused by the impact of BMH on the platters’ surface, which results in ring scratches on the magnetic platters of a hard drive. The heads fail when they touch the platters. The metallic dust particles contaminate the hermetic area of the HDD.

After the evaluation, we provided the customer with all the information we got. Upon receiving his approval, our dedicated engineer started to recover the data.

Hitachi Data Recovery

Hitachi Magnetic Heads Recovery

Our data recovery experts used the ultrasonic cleaner to clean the hard disk’s interior before starting the process. Doing this allowed us to remove most of the drive’s dust, and the subsequent procedures were safe.

Our engineers recover the lost data by replacing the failed block of magnetic heads with a new one. It is crucial to consistently enlarge our donor base with hard drive packs created by manufacturers and track new models and their adjustments.

We replaced the magnetic heads successfully and began the data extraction process. After replacing the head unit, it was necessary to calibrate the heads for a hard drive. Sometimes the drive can carry out the task by itself.

However, our technicians performed a series of procedures to calibrate the heads. Without the calibration, the drive will either not function or read data from it very slowly. After replacing the magnetic heads unit, our engineer started to extract lost files from the Hitachi drive. But some files and folders were disappearing due to bad blocks.

Hitachi Hard Disk Bad Blocks Recovery

A requirement for successful data recovery from a hard drive with bad sectors is creating a sector-by-sector copy from it to a new drive for subsequent analysis. Using data recovery software to recover files from a faulty disk with unreadable sectors can lead to overwriting. It is impossible to determine the cause and insure against scratches on the HDD surface without specialized equipment.

Hitachi Hard Drive Restoration

It was necessary to build a head map that describes the chains of sectors physically located under a specific head. It was done to localize bad blocks by surfaces. Analyzing the process of reading out a damaged disk, a specialist can evaluate the state of the replaced block of magnetic heads. This approach allowed our engineer to increase the speed of data recovery significantly.

Our specialist could properly access crucial files after restoring the bad blocks using the algorithms and years of experience. Our team conducted a verification session, and the client approved all the retrieved data. We sent the recovered data back on a new hard disk drive.

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