HP Enterprise SSD Drive Recovery
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In the world of data storage, the term RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) has become a popular technology to provide fault tolerance, increase performance, and improve data security. Depending on the client’s needs, RAID configurations can be set up in various ways, such as RAID 1, RAID 6, or RAID 50. However, data loss can still occur in RAID hard drives regardless of level.

Our team recently received a call from a client with an HP RAID 5 array with solid-state drives. The client noticed that one of the drives became inaccessible, so he requested our help. 

Beginning of the Data Recovery Process

We started the recovery process as soon as we received the device at our office. After our engineers performed an evaluation, they saw that one of the drives failed due to mechanical damage. This type of malfunction can be caused by various factors, such as physical impact, overheating, or water damage. Recovering data from physically damaged devices requires a specific process we carefully follow.

Damaged Hard Drive Recovery Process

The first step in recovering data from a physically damaged device is to work on the drive in a cleanroom. Cleanrooms are specialized environments designed to minimize airborne particles, such as dust, that could damage the device further. Our engineers carefully worked on the drive in a cleanroom, where they disassembled it and examined the extent of the damage. They noticed that the platters had scratches, which could cause the read/write heads to fail to read the data.

The next step in the data recovery process is to clone the drive. This process involves creating an exact copy of the drive’s contents onto a separate drive. Our team used specialized methods to clone the damaged drive, an essential step in data recovery from RAID arrays. The cloned drive becomes the primary source of data for the recovery process. Once the drive is cloned, our engineers start the scanning process. This process involves using a data recovery method to scan the cloned drive for lost data.

HP Drive Recovery Case

During this process, we identify the data blocks that are still accessible and those that are not. The scanning process can take several hours to complete, depending on the size of the drive and the extent of the damage.

Closing of Data Recovery Case

We scheduled a verification session for our customer as soon as we completed the data recovery process. This way, he could review all the restored data by connecting to our computer. The client checked each of the files, ensuring that the data was not corrupted and in the same condition. 

When a customer approved all the restored data, we safely copied it to a brand-new external media and returned it. As soon as he confirmed that the recovered data was received, we completely erased it from our servers. This way, we ensure the highest level of security and confidentiality for our clients.

Benefits of Using Our Data Recovery Services

Our data recovery services offer several advantages over other providers. Engineers at PITS Global Data Recovery Services have extensive experience recovering data from RAID arrays and solid-state drives. We use the latest technology to improve performance and minimize power consumption during recovery. Our team also ensures that the data recovery process is secure and the client’s data remains confidential.

Data loss can happen to anyone, regardless of how careful they are with their data storage. When data loss occurs, it is essential to have a reliable data recovery provider, such as PITS Global Data Recovery Services. RAID configurations provide a level of fault tolerance that can minimize the impact of data loss, but data loss can still occur. 

Our team of engineers is highly skilled in recovering data from RAID arrays, solid-state drives, and other storage media. We carefully follow a specific process to recover data from physically damaged devices, ensuring that the client’s data remains secure and confidential.

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Our team of engineers follows a specific process to recover data from physically damaged devices, ensuring that the client’s data is safely recovered. Instead of using RAID data recovery software on your device, entrust your valuable data to our professional company.

If you have experienced data loss, contact PITS Global Data Recovery Services to recover your lost data in the required timeframe. You can get in touch with the PITS team by filling in the form below or calling our customer service at 888 611 0737.