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Established in 2005, Drobo quickly became a data storage and protection household name. However, recent years have brought about speculations and uncertainties regarding their business continuity. Many are left wondering, “Is Drobo still in business?”.

This article addresses these uncertainties and provides insight into Drobo’s current status. We will explore the impact on clients and offer an alternative recovery solution: PITS Global Data Recovery Services. If you’re experiencing difficulties with Drobo products, we highly recommend considering PITS Global for your recovery needs.

Is Drobo out of Business?

Starting from January 27th, 2023, there will be no more availability of Drobo support and products, signifying the conclusion of a significant era in data storage and protection services. The company, which once was an important player in the industry, has ceased its operations. This leaves the users of Drobo products in a predicament, as they will no longer receive the accustomed support or updates for their existing devices.

However, Drobo support has transitioned to a self-service model to aid users post-shutdown. The knowledge base, documentation repository, and legacy documentation library are still accessible for your support needs. Users can access these resources for troubleshooting and managing their Drobo products independently. While this shift may present challenges for users unaccustomed to self-service support, the information provided can help bridge the gap left by Drobo’s departure from the market.

What Happened to Drobo?

Drobo’s exit from the market resulted from several factors that converged over time. The increasingly competitive landscape of the data storage industry played a significant role in Drobo going out of business. New players entered the market with innovative, cost-effective solutions that eclipsed Drobo’s offerings.

Despite its initial success and reputation, Drobo struggled to adapt to the industry’s evolving demands and customer expectations. This eventually led to Drobo going out of business, leaving many customers drawn to the brand for its trusted and reliable storage solutions in a lurch.

Drobo Alternative for NAS, SAN, and DAS devices

The need for reliable alternatives to Drobo’s NAS, SAN, and DAS devices is more apparent than ever in light of Drobo’s closure. Many data storage solutions offer distinct features and capabilities that align well with user requirements.


If you’re looking for a reliable alternative to Drobo for network-attached storage (NAS), storage area network (SAN), and directly attached storage (DAS) devices, Synology is a prominent choice.

 Synology offers a vast range of products that cater to diverse storage needs. Synology’s NAS devices are renowned for their user-friendliness, rich features, and versatile applications such as file sharing, data backup, and multimedia streaming. 

Synology NAS Data Recovery

Synology delivers high-performance, scalable, cost-effective solutions for SAN and DAS requirements. These devices are designed with business continuity, offering robust data protection and easy management to ensure your data is safe and accessible.

TerraMaster NAS Data Recovery


For a more budget-friendly Drobo replacement, consider opting for the TerraMaster F2-221. This two-bay NAS device delivers an impressive balance of features and affordability. It supports high-speed data transfer, 4K HD video transcoding, and AES hardware encryption for enhanced data security. 

Its easy-to-use interface and various applications make it an appealing choice for personal and small-business utilization. This device reaffirms that quality network-attached storage doesn’t have to break the bank.

Drobo Data Recovery Services

The primary users of Drobo devices were small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), professionals, and enthusiasts who required robust, scalable, and easy-to-manage data storage solutions. These users relied on Drobo for critical data storage, backup, and sharing, making the company’s shutdown a significant concern. In case of a device failure before replacing Drobo, users could face substantial data loss and operational disruptions.

Recovering this data or restoring the device without active support or updates could prove challenging. This underscores the urgency for users to transition to reliable alternatives and invest in a comprehensive data recovery solution like PITS Global Data Recovery Services.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services is a dependable partner with a proven record of recovering data from NAS devices. They ensure secure and easily retrievable data, helping you navigate this transition smoothly while maintaining data security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drobo went out of business on January 27th, 2023.

No, Drobo is no longer in operation and will not provide support or updates for their products.

There are several alternatives to Drobo available in the market. For NAS, SAN, and DAS devices, Synology and TerraMaster are excellent options. Both companies offer various products catering to diverse storage needs and budgets.

After Drobo’s closure, support and updates are no longer available. In the event of a device failure, it’s advisable to seek professional help. You can consider services like PITS Global Data Recovery Services, which specializes in recovering data from NAS devices.

Transitioning to a new data storage provider requires careful planning. Start by identifying your storage needs and budget, then research potential alternatives. Once you’ve selected a new provider, ensure all critical data is backed up before switching. Consider professional assistance like PITS Global Data Recovery Services to ensure a smooth, loss-free transition.