LaCie Rugged SSD Pro Data Recovery
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Recently, we faced a challenging scenario in which a valued client, a psychologist, encountered severe data failure due to a malware attack on their LaCie Rugged SSD Pro 4TB. The device stored vital medical records for diagnosing patients and analyzing their health conditions. Recognizing the urgency and sensitivity, our team quickly started a recovery process to save the valuable data. This blog will examine the steps taken to recover critical medical data and how our team successfully overcame the solid-state drive failure.

Background of Slow LaCie Rugged SSD

Our recent customer from Ontario, California, is a psychologist who uses the LaCie 4TB Rugged SSD Pro Thunderbolt 3 External SSD to store essential medical records securely.

However, after some use, our client started experiencing slow performance on their device. The psychologist first noticed her LaCie Rugged 4TB SSD was slowing down, and files and folders were becoming inaccessible.

Files and folders took longer to access and sometimes became inaccessible altogether. She attempted to address the issue by running different maintenance tools but was unsuccessful.

During her search, she came across our blog, which offered insights into similar challenges and a beacon of hope for recovery.

Desperate to recover her data, the customer contacted our lab for help. Our team promptly handled her inquiry, providing detailed instructions on secure packaging and shipping the device to our lab for evaluation. The customer swiftly dispatched the device, reaching our facility quickly.

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Evaluation Process of LaCie Rugged 4TB SSD

Our team of experts thoroughly evaluated the LaCie Rugged SSD to identify the root cause of loss and assess data recoverability. Initially, we inspected the SSD’s physical condition, which revealed no visible damage, indicating it was in excellent shape. Following the evaluation tests, it was observed that the SSD displayed slower performance and overheating in specific areas during operation.

Diagnosis of LaCie SSD

Our team concluded that the cause of slow performance and overheating was due to a severe malware infection. The data loss was attributed to the attack, leading the device to malfunction and become inaccessible.

Upon further analysis, we found that the malware had corrupted crucial system files for accessing the medical records stored on the LaCie SSD. Following the evaluation results, our team prepared a detailed price quote for the data retrieval service. The customer expressed contentment with the provided quote, leading to prompt approval of the recovery process.

Recovery of Important Medical Record from LaCie SSD

After diagnosing the cause of the failure, our recovery team immediately started working on a plan to restore the valuable medical records for our client. We used specialized tools and techniques to bypass the damaged firmware and access the corrupted system files.

The primary challenge was restoring access to the corrupted files and folders once the malware was removed.

Our team of experts employed exclusive advanced tools proficient in managing intricate data loss scenarios, particularly those related to corrupted firmware and files.

These cutting-edge tools meticulously scanned the SSD, pinpointing recoverable files and methodically reconstructing the impaired file structures. Through this careful and precise approach, we regained access to the critical medical records, ensuring they were intact and free from any malware remains.

Remote Data Verification Session for Recovered Files

After the successful recovery process, our team organized a remote file verification session. This allowed the customer to securely check her files from her location, ensuring the completeness and integrity of the recovered data. During this session, the psychologist meticulously verified each medical record, confirming that all crucial data had been restored accurately.

The client was profoundly relieved and grateful that the critical medical records had been restored. This allowed her to continue her vital work without further interruption or data loss concerns.


Our team’s swift action, accurate diagnosis, and meticulous recovery process ensured the successful retrieval of vital medical records for our valued client. We overcame the challenging scenario by utilizing advanced tools and techniques to remove the malware and restore access to the corrupted files.

We hope this blog provides valuable insights for anyone facing similar challenges with their storage devices, emphasizing the importance of timely action and professional assistance in critical data loss situations. So, if you ever encounter any data loss scenario, do not hesitate to contact us for fast, secure, and reliable data recovery services.

FAQ about LaCie Rugged SSD Pro Recovery

There could be various reasons for a LaCie storage device to slow down, such as drive fragmentation, outdated firmware, or even malware infection. If you are experiencing slow performance with your LaCie device, it is recommended that you seek professional assistance for further evaluation and resolution of the issue.

Yes, it is possible to recover data from a corrupted LaCie SSD. Experts possess the advanced tools and expertise to restore data from devices damaged or malfunctioning due to corruption, including hardware and software corruption malfunctions. Through specialized recovery tools and techniques, they can bypass the damages and access lost or corrupted data, ensuring the retrieval of valuable information for their clients.

Update your security software regularly and run scans to prevent malware infections. Be cautious when downloading files online, and avoid clicking on suspicious links or email attachments. Additionally, store a backup of your important data in a secure location to prevent further data loss in case of a malware attack. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

If your LaCie storage device fails, promptly seek professional help from a trusted data recovery service. Please do not attempt to fix or recover the data yourself, as it can potentially cause further damage and make data recovery more challenging.

Data can be recovered from a corrupted LaCie SSD. Data recovery experts employ specialized tools and techniques to access the underlying data even when the SSD is corrupted. The process involves diagnosing the precise cause of the corruption, such as damage to the file system or physical damage to the drive. Once the issue has been identified, professionals can often bypass the corruption to recover the files. However, data recovery’s success relies on the extent of damage and the promptness of seeking professional help.