MicroSD Card Recovery

NAND technology is a basis for modern data storage devices. Flash memory plays a significant part in the operation of various appliances, including players, digital cameras, and phones. Hence, data recovery from memory cards becomes more required.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services maintains all the requirements to provide the most efficient restoration from memory cards. Our team of skilled specialists can easily find the most appropriate methods to save your precious data.

Our reputable company keeps up with the times and regularly renews recovery technologies. In addition, our engineers attend qualification courses and discover new techniques to assist with your case and restore all the possible data. Thus, we offer various recovery ways for your memory carrier.

CF Card Chip-Off Recovery

Our aim is to ensure our clients that the result will be achieved via a secure process.

Our company employs a chip-off technique to recover lost data from Compact Flash memory cards. Our first step is to unsolder a memory chip from an appliance. Next, we read the data from this chip using a special tool. After restoring all the data from a card, we thoroughly go through it, encrypting the files.

Compact Flash (CF) memory card is one of the most widespread formats. CF cards are usually used for photo and video appliances. These cards are notable due to their high capacity and durable performance. Nevertheless, data loss can still occur on these reliable devices. Inaccessibility of all the files stored on the card can be critical, and we are able to help you. PITS Global Data Recovery Services’ engineers perform restoration from CF memory cards in compliance with all the safety standards.

With years of experience and cutting-edge technologies, we restore data from severely damaged Compact Flash cards. You can request help from our technicians by calling (888) 611-0737 or filling out the request help form. 

Advanced Recovery of SD Card Data

Secure Digital memory cards store all the valuable data of the user. These cards are still prone to data loss despite their excellent performance. Using SD card recovery software can be risky, so if the files’ inaccessibility on your SD card occurs, our specialists can help you.

Focus SD XC Card Recovery

Using specialized equipment, we perform the restoration procedure with the highest level of precision. We approach each case individually and find the most appropriate SD card data recovery strategy for each case. Our experts handle various scenarios, whether data was accidentally deleted or the file system was corrupted. Our engineers work on corrupted SD cards in a specialized lab, performing a recovery in several stages.

Firstly, we install data readers and scripts to help us achieve the best outcome. We then start the scanning process, which allows us to find most of the data stored on the SD card.

The PITS Global team recovers deleted files from memory cards in a specified directory and saves them on external media for safe transfer to the clients. With our recovery strategy, we support a 99% success rate.

Specialized Labs for Memory Card Recovery

The safety of our client’s data is the priority for PITS Global. To provide complete security of your files, our engineers perform a recovery only in the facilities with a controlled environment. Hence, we work on the storage device only under sterile conditions. Working on your memory card in ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom, we guarantee no damage to your device.

We employ our equipment to reach full data recovery results in our data recovery facilities. Each lab has an induction soldering iron, a thermal imager, a thermal table, an ultrasonic bath, a hot air soldering station, a laboratory power supply, and adapters.

By requesting data recovery from PITS Global Data Recovery Services, you will receive professional work from our highly skilled engineers. Contact our dedicated team at (888) 611-0737 or fill out the request help form below to start your recovery case today.

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