NAS Failure and Recovery

The primary use of computer devices is in the processing, transmission, timely and complete access, and secure storage of various types of digital information. The ever-increasing volume of data requires a large, high-capacity memory space that is able to function accurately and process requests. For this user, many users choose NAS.

What is a NAS?

A NAS is a storage system with a specific disk array connected to a network optimized for storage. It often has additional features to support operation according to accepted network protocols. Network Attached Storage is designed for home users and employees in businesses of all sizes.

NAS systems contain one or more hard drives combined into RAID arrays and can restore missing data if one of the components fails. Due to the infrastructure of NAS devices, they have a number of advantages, including the reliability of storage, ease of access to data when needed, and ease of management.

Nevertheless, as with any device, NAS is exposed to failures. Crash of Network Attached Storage can cause severe problems to the users, including data loss and expanded downtime.

Reasons for NAS Failure

Power Failure

Voltage fluctuation is one of the causes of NAS malfunction. A power surge or outage can severely damage the device, making files inaccessible.

Human Error

Accidental file deletion is a frequent cause of data loss for many storage systems. User error is not rare, so the NAS device is at constant risk of failure.


Our company recommends keeping the NAS device under the required temperature and not overloading it. Otherwise, overheating is unavoidable.

Failed Hard Drives

It is essential to check the condition of drives within a system frequently. When the drives within a system fail, it may cause the files to be inaccessible.

NAS Controller Faults

Controller faults within a NAS system cause the most severe consequences for a user. In this scenario, expanded downtime and data loss are unavoidable.

Physical Damage

Physical damage can affect not only the performance of the NAS system but also the accessibility of the files. Hence, we recommend treating the device carefully.

How to Prevent NAS Data Loss

Sometimes, NAS failure and data loss are unavoidable. Therefore, a user should always be prepared for such a situation. There are various ways how you can protect your valuable data from inaccessibility. 

Create Automatic Backups. Backup is one of the most reliable solutions to avoid data loss. All the data is saved somewhere safe and can be easily transferred from backup storage if a failure occurs. Automating this process can help the user, as the backup process is performed without assistance.

Limit Access. Several users can access sensitive data stored on the NAS device. Our team recommends limiting the access to avoid data loss due to human error. Moreover, there will be a lower chance of data leakage, so your sensitive information will be protected. 

Right Choice of RAID. A user should use the suitable RAID option for NAS to avoid any critical situation. Various RAID configurations provide different advantages, so make this choice based on what is important to you. 

Synology NAS Data Recovery

Regularly Check the Device. Failure and data loss can be prevented if a user periodically scans the device. This way, you may note any issue within the system on time and solve it, so there will be no complications.

However, if you face data loss and do not have a backup, you should approach this problem carefully. It is critical not to restore the lost files yourself and entrust data recovery to professionals. You can retrieve the maximum amount of files by requesting help from a professional recovery company.

NAS Data Recovery with PITS Global

PITS Global provides individuals and businesses with reliable and secure NAS data recovery services. Our engineers approach each case individually and perform the recovery using the most suitable strategy.

Advantages of Our NAS Recovery Services:

Certified & Accredited Data Recovery
99% Success Rate
50+ Locations Throughout the US
ISO Class 10 Cleanroom Recovery
Risk-Free Evaluation & Diagnostics
Flexible Service Options

Our company recovers lost, corrupted, and deleted data from NAS devices. We work only in specialized facilities using the latest tools and cutting-edge technologies. Moreover, our team recovers data from storage devices regardless of the operating system, file system, and storage space parameters.

Start the recovery process with us today by filling in the form below with all the details about your case. You can also get in touch with us by calling 888.611.0737. We will gladly help with NAS data recovery.

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