SSDs are gaining popularity and are used in laptops, desktops, and servers. You can speed up your old desktop or laptop by replacing your hard disk drive with an SSD. With high speed and reliability, SSDs are an excellent option for servers, new PC builds, and system builders.

An SSD is a media storage device that, unlike a hard drive, uses non-volatile memory to store and access data. In other words, there are no revolving mechanical parts, which is a significant factor.

The Reasons for Data Loss On SSDs Are:

  • Electrical Damage
  • Natural Wear
  • Physical Damage
  • Software Failures

If the SSD is faulty, then to recover data from it, it is necessary to transfer all memory chips to a particular hardware device, read their contents, and decrypt them with special key decryptors, turning them into data. Our engineers with years of experience effectively handle this process.

OCZ Vector SSD Failure

Recently, our data recovery team received an internal OCZ Vector series SSD for evaluation. The customer attempted to back up his files on his PC, but the solid-state drive’s electrical circuit had problems. The vital files became inaccessible, and he was unable to continue backing up his important documents.

After searching for a reliable data recovery company, the client decided to entrust his media storage to our skilled data recovery professionals. As soon as we received the solid-state drive, our technicians started the data recovery process by evaluation. They opened the drive’s seal and examined its parts.

Our data recovery specialists determined that the memory controller was damaged due to a short circuit while the NAND chips were intact. After obtaining the data from NAND chips, we must decode it due to the memory controller damage.

OCZ Vector SSD Recovery

Vector SSD Memory Controller Recovery

It is occasionally possible to repair and restore OCZ drives while keeping all the data on them, depending on the type of problem. If this is the case, we must carefully use the device if the goal is to access the media’s contents without navigating around its interface. Engineers give users access to the data as a result, but the drive can still not be fixed. This technique is hazardous since it causes the SSD drive’s physical state to change. 

OCZ Vector SSD Recovery

The procedure of decrypting data on a failing SSD can only be carried out by skilled professionals using specific instruments. The drive’s brain is the SSD controller, which is also referred to as the NAND memory controller. 

It is a part of the computer controller interface that interfaces with SATA, PCI-E, USB, and SAS. The controller oversees the drive’s general functionality, including the process of writing data to memory cells.

Our professionals carefully unsoldered the NAND memory chips. Then they transferred all the data to a new SSD using a hardware programmer. Since only the memory controller was broken, all the data could be accessed.

OCZ SSD File System Decryption 

The transferred files were all in RAW format. It is an unstructured data file format for digital images. The operating system was unable to access the encrypted files because they had become unavailable.

The RAW format is a lack of format, or rather the file system on the disk. It happens with new or faulty hard drives and in situations where, for no apparent reason, the disk has become RAW format. 

Using our cutting-edge techniques, we began the data decryption procedure. Our professionals can quickly restore the file system by using the scripts utilized in this operation, known as a key.

We transferred the data from the encrypted hard drive to a new SSD after decrypting it all. Then, our team returned the drive to the client once he had reviewed all the restored files and approved the results.

We retain the highest industry success record for retrieving lost data from various storage devices at 99%, thanks to years of experience and cutting-edge data recovery methods. 

Our highly trained engineers will recover lost data securely and professionally. For expert SSD, HDD, or RAID data retrieval solutions, call PITS Global Data Recovery Services at 
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