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People use computers in almost every part of their lives. Desktops and laptops are used for work, study, and leisure. With advanced processors and high-capacity media devices, computers allow users to process and store all the required information. To increase the functionality, people use not only internal but also external media.

Internal and external hard drives are reliable data storage devices. Nevertheless, they are not error-free and susceptible to data loss. One of the most common reasons for files’ inaccessibility is human error.

Accidental file deletion and formatting result in the inaccessibility of essential data. If there is no copy of these files stored somewhere safe, a user risks losing all the data permanently. The main complication after data deletion is overwriting.

What is Overwriting?

The deletion process is very tricky, primarily because it does not erase the data from your device completely. In reality, a system destroys the path to the files, making them invisible to a user.

These pointers are used by an operating system to track the allocation of files on a hard drive. Hence, when you are looking for a document, the system finds it via a pointer. Deleting it means a system can no longer open the document, marking it as lost.

The sector where the file was previously stored is highlighted as available, though a file is still placed there.

Professional Hard Drive Data Recovery

This file is kept in the sector until another is not written there. Thus, overwriting is an act of the replacement of the deleted original file with a new one.

After a user deletes the data, it can still be recovered unless it is overwritten. In another scenario, it is completely erased from the memory of a storage device.

What to Do to Increase Chances for Successful Recovery?

When there is a need to restore deleted files, it is essential to take appropriate steps to avoid overwriting. While operating, the computer is constantly reading and writing the data on the hard drive. The longer it runs, the more likely it is to lose deleted data permanently. Hence, to reduce the possibility of overwriting, the first thing to do is power off the computer or disconnect the hard drive.

Hard Drives Failure and Recovery

Do not try to recover the deleted files yourself, as it can cause more damage. Many users try to restore the data by using data recovery software. The first mistake is installing a program on the drive with deleted data, which can overwrite it. Another mistake is that often the recovery system restores the wrong file and places it in the sector where the required document is stored.

Instead of trying to recover the files yourself, entrust your data storage device to experienced engineers. Data deletion is a sensitive case that requires an individual approach and delicate treatment. Only professionals can handle the situation achieving the maximum results.

Why Choose PITS Global Data Recovery Services?

PITS Global offers recovery of deleted data from hard drives, SSDs, flash drives, RAIDs, servers, and other data storage devices. Our company has years of experience, so we perform the restoration at the highest level possible.

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We start the recovery process by performing a safe evaluation of your device. Our engineers review the media to estimate the level of damage and calculate the chances for success. We will examine the device to check overwritten files, search for lost data, and select the most suitable strategy for recovery.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services uses the latest data recovery tools and advanced methods to restore corrupted, deleted, or lost data. Our company does not stay in one place and is constantly developing. 

We keep up with the times, and our engineers regularly attend qualification courses. This way, our team is able to recover files from any storage device regardless of the data loss scenario.

We perform recovery in specialized facilities to avoid any damage to your device and valuable documents. The data of our customers is our priority, so we do everything to restore it. If you accidentally deleted data from your storage device, entrust your case to engineers at PITS Global Data Recovery Services.

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 You can start your file recovery case by filling in the details of your data loss situation in the form below. 

It is also possible to contact us by calling the customer service line at 888.611.0737, and our experts will answer all the questions you have.