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We love to share our works with our page visitors. The below posts are from the data recovery cases we received.

Broken Flash Drive Data Recovery

When luck is on your side! It could have gone way worse. The tiniest crack on the chip itself would suffice to make data unrecoverable. Let’s say, this old-style Flash drive has served its purpose and now it’s time to have some rest. The data stored on its NAND chip will carry on living and…

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Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Essential factors in hard drive recovery services  When your hard drive stops working, and you don’t have a backup copy of the critical data, you start panicking. It is essential to think about the value of the data and make the correct decision about handling the situation. It would be best if you consider the…

Hard Drive Recovery Pits Data Recovery
Successful 64GB Lexar Professional CF Drive Recovery

The data recovery engineers removed the memory chips from the main board and recovered all photos from the failed 64GB Lexar Professional Compact Flash Drive.

CF Card Data Recovery
64GB Sandisk Micro SD Card Data Recovery

We spend more than 10 days on this case and successfully recovered all photos and videos the 64GB Sandisk Micro SD card.

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DIY Data Recovery Consequences –> Scratches of Death

The customer tried to recover data from the dropped hard drive that lead to complete data loss. Unfortunately, it is not possible to recover any data from this drive.

Cleanroom Data Recovery Hard Drive Recovery
The worst nightmare – Data Recovery from Seagate Cheetah SAS drive

The worst nightmare a data recovery engineer can think of! No data can be recovered from these platters that belong to Seagate Cheetah SAS drive. The magnetic layer where the data lays is scraped off the platters. Scratches this bad is a death sentence for any hard drive. Platter burnishing tools are not going to…

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Successful Data Recovery from 4TB DVR Hard Drive

When asked, we never insist on using any particular surveillance hard drives for DVR units. Regardless of the brand or type, security camera footage also need to be backed up. Data recovery from a DVR hard drive has its challenges. They use different file systems that are operated by not too friendly operating systems. You…

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SanDisk Ultra Micro SD Card Data Recovery

We inspect the SanDisk Ultra MicroSD card against tiny microscopic cracks and pores before applying the so-called spiderwebbing process. The card with the capacity of 32GB no longer functions, and it is full of multimedia files. Our main challenge with this monolithic structure will be to gain access to its NAND chip. If we are…

Flash Drive Recovery
Successful Recovery from USB Flash Drive

It’s crucial to get the most reliable USB flash drives you can – the manufacturers say. They have limits, and you are the only best friend of your data – we say. USB Flash Drives have a finite number of work cycles. A variety of unexpected events may occur while using an old and a…

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40GB old Toshiba HDD Data Recovery

Not all IDE-dinosaurs went extinct. Some are still hiding out inside the old technology machines and their serving computers. This one is a 40GB old Toshiba IDE hard drive that unfortunately took a hard hit. It didn’t take long to determine that the drive has a motor bearing seizure issue. It is directly related to…

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