It is often that a storage device may collapse before its actual validity period. In this kind of situation, the user is not prepared for the malfunction and data loss. 

For this reason, it is common that the files are not stored somewhere safe, which leads to complete data loss if the collapse occurs.

The primary purposes of the PCB are to supply power to the hard disk, control all internal operations through firmware, and maintain the speed and rotation of the spindle. 

In fact, the board of the controller is the brain of the hard disk drive, on which all components depend very much.

In fact, the board of the controller is the brain of the hard disk drive, on which all components depend very much. A Printed Circuit Board is a structural element of electronic equipment intended for mechanical fastening and electrical switching of electronic components. PCB consists of a flat dielectric base on which printed conductors are made.

Printed Circuit Board Failure

In the event of a printed circuit board (PCB) failure, the same board is taken from the donor disk, a ROM chip from the patient disk is soldered onto it, and an attempt is made to start the hard disk after which further diagnostics are carried out. However, some modern hard drives do not have a separate ROM chip and store key service modules in a mask ROM in the drive’s processor package. 

Hard Drive Overwritten Data Recovery

In this case, they resort either to repairing the printed circuit board, if possible, or trying to start a disk with a donor board with further subtraction of service modules from the surface of magnetic disks, assembling a ROM image, and writing this image to the mask ROM of the donor board, after which further diagnostics are performed and, if possible, proofreading user data. In our recent case, our client lost his PC drives because of the electricity problem, which resulted in damaged printed circuit boards (PCB).

Hard Drive Overwritten Data Recovery

The client contacted our customer service, and after consulting with them, he decided to entrust his device to us. Our customer service representatives sent him the shipping label right away.

Hard Drive Recovery with Damaged PCB

The customer requested an emergency evaluation, as he needed all the files stored on the hard drive returned as soon as possible. Hence, as soon as we received the device at our lab, we started the evaluation. Our data recovery experts ran diagnostics and saw the PCB problem resulted in the loss of functionality of the read/write heads, leading to data inaccessibility.

Read Write Heads Failure

When the client approved the recovery, we started to work on the hard drive by removing unconnected and unused hole pads on internal layers or through-hole-mounted component pads.

From another point of view, this practice may have nothing to do with the final product, but there is a possibility that the removal of the pads may weaken the physical shell.

Our goal was to solder a mask bridge between two pads, and our engineers had to use a special method for it. Using our advanced technique, we restored all the data, sent them back to the customer on a brand new drive, and provided our client with advice regarding backup options.

Having encountered PCB problems many times, our highly qualified engineers accelerated the restoration and helped us achieve the required results faster than was needed. Contact our customer service at (888) 611-0737 if you face printed circuit board failure or any media storage data loss. Fill in a request form to start the recovery case right away, and we will gladly provide you with professional services.