Data Recovery from Servers
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Data is the unseen force driving businesses, industries, and even personal lives. The loss of this crucial asset can be catastrophic, prompting the need for robust and reliable recovery services. PITS Global Data Recovery Services is a leader in the field, offering a suite of recovery options for diverse needs. This includes the flexibility of both remote and onsite recovery options.

Whether grappling with a complex server failure or a seemingly dead hard drive, PITS Global has the tools and expertise to restore your valuable data. This blog will delve into the impressive capabilities of these recovery options, shedding light on how PITS Global stands at the forefront of data recovery solutions.

What is an Onsite Data Recovery Service?

Onsite data recovery service involves the physical presence of a recovery specialist at your location to address any data loss or corruption issues. This option is suitable when there is a critical need for fast and immediate recovery and when the affected system or device cannot be easily removed from its current location.

PITS Global’s onsite data recovery service offers the convenience of an experienced technician working on the affected system or device at your premises. This eliminates the need for shipping or transporting the equipment, which can be time-consuming and risky.

Requirements for Onsite Data Recovery

The main requirement for onsite data recovery is that the device must be in its initial state after the data loss occurs. Facing file inaccessibility, people decide to restore the device themselves. Nevertheless, this may lead the storage to an unrecoverable state. 

After an unsuccessful attempt at DIY recovery, our engineers may not be able to do anything when they come. Therefore, when noting any warning signs from your data storage, we recommend powering it down. Any following action can severely worsen the situation. 

There are many free and fast recovery solutions on the Internet, but using them on your device is not recommended. Instead, call our customer service line at 888 611 0737. Our experts will provide you with all the details about the recovery process and assist you with your case. We will deliver all the instructions so that the recovery can be performed smoothly and swiftly. 

What is Remote Data Recovery?

Remote data recovery is a process that involves the recovery of data from damaged or inaccessible systems or devices using an internet connection between the affected device and PITS Global’s recovery center. This option suits situations where physical access to the affected system or device is not feasible.

PITS Global’s remote data recovery service utilizes advanced technology and skilled technicians to remotely access your system or device and retrieve lost data. This option offers a quick and efficient solution for data loss, eliminating the need to transport the equipment physically.

Requirements for Remote Data Recovery

First, the hardware must be in working condition. The remote recovery option is used for logically damaged devices, so if a data loss occurs due to physical reasons, it is preferable to use onsite recovery.

Our engineers would need assistance from the other side of the connection. Hence, there is a need for a person who can help us figure out the situation and perform specific actions if it is required. 

Data Recovery from Server

A stable Internet connection is one of the most critical requirements for remote data recovery. Without it, many difficulties may occur. Hence, by establishing an error-free connection with your storage device, we will safely restore valuable data.

Enough storage capacity is another requirement for the successful recovery process. After the restoration is completed, there must be a storage media where these files can be stored. Thus, a client must be prepared for such a situation.

 After following these requirements, our engineers can perform successful remote data recovery. 

When Can These Options be Used?

The options of remote and onsite recovery are designed for cases when the device can not leave its physical location. It can be due to various reasons, and we consider all of them. 

A Device with Sensitive Information

 When the information stored on the data storage device is highly confidential, sending it to our lab may not be an option. To keep the peace of mind of our client, onsite and remote recovery is a great solution. This way, secret data will not leave the premises, and full security will be achieved. 

Fragile Data Storage Device

Sometimes, the state of the device does not allow its transportation. If the device is in critical condition, it is essential to work on it in place of failure.

In these scenarios, onsite data recovery is the best option, as our engineers will safely work on the device without its transfer.

Large Storage Systems

The size of some servers makes it impossible to move them and transfer them to our lab. In addition, shipping the device separately can be riskier, so we do not recommend sending them this way.

Instead, you can request onsite or remote service from our data recovery experts. 

However, both of these options have their requirements. Unique conditions must be supported to perform recovery without transportation. 

Benefits of Using Remote and Onsite Services

PITS Global Data Recovery Services develops state-of-the-art methods for restoring valuable files without transportation. We offer advanced solutions for businesses and individuals, recovering the required files from storage devices. 

These options have become more popular due to their various advantages. The idea of restoring the device without any complications like shipping and waiting for the recovered data makes it easier for users with a data loss situation. 

Main Benefits of These Recovery Services

No Transportation

Returning valuable data without shipping it in our lab is one of the main advantages of onsite and remote options. There are not many requirements for this kind of operation, and the results are the same as they would have been with the process in the recovery lab.

Access to the Recovered Files

After the remote or onsite recovery process is completed, a user does not have to wait to receive the files back. All the access is already restored, so our client can proceed with the regular operations after the restoration is finalized.

High Level of Security

With the data not leaving its physical location, a user will keep peace of mind regarding the confidential files. Our engineers will perform the recovery at the highest level of security, so there is no risk of data leak or breach. Your security is our priority.

With our data recovery company, you will receive all the high-priority files at the earliest opportunity. Our goal is to deliver the highest level of restoration service, and we will do everything to achieve it. Offering onsite and remote data recovery, we work on any type of storage device, file system, and operating system. Our team also offers emergency services for time-sensitive cases, and recovers lost data within 8-48 hours.

If you have any additional questions regarding our onsite and remote recovery, do not hesitate to call us at 888 611 0737. Our customer service will answer all the questions and assist you in your case. To start your case with PITS right away, fill out the form below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, PITS Global’s suite of recovery options is designed to handle everything from simple file loss to complex server failures.

The time taken for data recovery varies depending on the complexity of the data loss scenario. However, PITS Global prioritizes swift and efficient recovery, minimizing downtime.

Yes, PITS Global adheres to stringent security protocols to ensure your data’s confidentiality and integrity during recovery.

Yes, PITS Global offers both options to cater to different client needs. You can choose the method that best suits your situation.

PITS Global’s onsite data recovery service is the best solution in such cases. Our experts will come to your location and carry out the recovery process.

PITS Global employs stringent safety measures during an onsite recovery process. These include secure handling and processing of the affected systems or devices, usage of proprietary tools and software, and strict adherence to confidentiality protocols.

If a remote data recovery attempt is unsuccessful, PITS Global offers a transition to onsite recovery where feasible. This ensures a second chance at recovery, underscoring the commitment of PITS Global to exhaust all possible avenues to recover your valuable data.