People worldwide operate some storage media to save their files due to the increasing accessibility of digital devices. The hard drive, a crucial computer component, is one of the most widely used media.

People depend on hard drives and entrust all the precious data to these devices. However, failure is always a possibility, and regarding the high level of durability, it can occur on Samsung hard drives.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services is one of the most dependable internal and external hard drive data recovery options. Our team provides secure and quick data retrieval services for various Samsung storage devices. Our engineers maintain a 99% success rate thanks to the extensive donor drive inventory, cutting-edge equipment, and years of industry experience.

Samsung Hard Drive Failure

An internal Samsung hard disk drive was recently sent to our data recovery team for an expedited assessment. The customer said his hard disk had been overheating for some time before it abruptly shut down. His work documents were lost when he attempted to boot up his PC, which would not operate.

He shipped the hard drive to our lab after carefully removing it. The data recovery specialist started to inspect the internal hard disk drive carefully.

The hard disk was first checked for physical damage that might occur during shipping. The HDA was then opened to inspect the disks’ surface, the magnetic head unit, and the recirculation filter. Additionally, the printed circuit board, each component, and the connections’ state are all closely examined.

Our specialist found during the diagnostics that the hard disk controller had melted due to continuous overheating. The spindle motor’s performance could not be assessed because the data recovery specialist could not turn on the hard drive.

Samsung Internal HDD Controller Recovery

The electronics board’s hard disk controller is a physical hub for activities that convert and transport data from the read/write heads to the drive interface. An intricate device, a hard drive controller is a microcomputer with a processor, RAM, ROM, circuitry, I/O system, etc.

Data recovery is impossible if the control board’s chips burn out; only replacement is an option. Our data recovery engineer copied the special firmware for the controller on this drive to the donor HDC. Without the transfer, the hard disk could not be initialized and loaded adaptive from the surface and ROM into volatile memory.

The files could not be recovered by just rearranging the board. The specialists then perfectly matched the marks on the control board for the main chip and the motor chip. The motor started spinning when electricity was provided to the hard disk.

Following the replacement of the hard drive controller, the integrity of the service modules was examined using special hardware during additional diagnostics. A number of factors were assessed, including the condition of the block of magnetic read/write heads and the accuracy of reading the user zone. The hard disk’s file system was corrupt, and bad sectors were detected. It made it impossible for the data recovery engineer to extract lost files.

Internal HDD File System Recovery

The Samsung hard drive was formatted using the exFAT file system in the customer’s scenario. The exFAT FS employs 64 bits to define file size, enabling programs that depend on huge files. The file system also supports clusters up to 32MB, making massive storage devices possible.

Data was copied sector by sector before the file system could be accessed. This made it possible to create a map of the sectors that files had taken up and stop reading sectors with unreadable blocks to begin the process.

After the first reading stage, the parameters were altered, and the reading process was restarted. Thanks to this strategy, our engineers could retrieve ExFAT data to the fullest extent.

The root directory and the overall layout of the hard disk file types could be removed in this case. The recovery process was finished, and the client verified the results via remote verification. All the necessary data was successfully recovered. The files were returned to the customer on a new device.

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