Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive Restoration

The magnetic head block of a hard disk drive is designed to write and read data from the surface of the magnetic platters. Damage to it is a relatively common malfunction since even a small impact can cause a malfunction in the reading elements. In older HDD models, block failures can be caused by time due to the loss of crystals of their original operational properties.

Three Main Reasons for The Failure of the Block of Magnetic Heads:

  • Physical Damage
  • Misalignment of The BMH
  • Debris Particles 

If the magnetic heads are damaged, the disk will not be detected in the BIOS, and the Windows will not start. And another symptom of a malfunction is when the engine spins up but stops after a few seconds. In such a case, the hard drive makes periodic clicks or thuds.

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Seagate Barracuda HDD Failure

Recently, we received an emergency data recovery request for an internal Seagate Barracuda hard disk drive with a 3TB volume. The client backup all his essential files to the HDD but a sudden power outage turned off his desktop.

SAS Hard Drive Data Recovery

He tried to access his files, but the Windows operating system did not boot up, and clicking sounds were heard. He decided to entrust PITS Global Data Recovery Services with his media storage. Our engineers received the hard disk drive and started diagnostics right away.

As the clicking sounds were heard data recovery technician checked the drive in BIOS as it could scratch the magnetic platters more.

SAS Hard Drive Data Recovery

This type of hard drive failure damages the magnetic platters in the form of ring scratches. It results from the impact of magnetic heads on the surface of the platters. 

When the heads hit the surface of the magnetic platters, the heads fail, and the smallest metal dust appears in the HDA from the damaged magnetic layer covering the platters.

Magnetic Read/Write Heads Recovery

Our data recovery expert opened the hard drive in an ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom to examine the magnetic surfaces of the platters. Media storage devices are restored under sterile conditions. In order to guarantee total data security, it is necessary to ensure the conditions of satisfactory air purity in the room where the recovery process is carried out. The norm for the air that surrounds a working hard drive in the PITS Global Data Recovery Services’ lab. 

Only a few circular scratches were noticed. Firstly, the engineer cleaned the platters with an ultrasonic cleaner. After all dust and magnetic particles were removed, he proceeded with the replacement of the whole block of read/write heads. 

By having a vast range of donor parts for the majority of the media storage and years of experience, our technician successfully replaced the magnetic heads and their parking space. Then the data recovery engineer started extracting the data from the platters.

Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive Data Restoration

Secure Hard Disk Drive Data Restoration

By means of the advanced data extractor complex – after a correct start of the disk and replacing the block of magnetic heads, the specialist calculates all the contents of the surfaces. Depending on the specific disk model, these can be sections from tens to hundreds of megabytes located in a row.

The total percentage of space read will depend on how many total working surfaces this drive has and how many of those have been read. 

A significant part of the photo archive of the client’s data could be rest red: MS Office documents, drawings, projects, and small archives.

The specialist recovered 98% of the requested files. Unfortunately, all the data stored in the scratched parts of the magnetic platter surfaces was lost. The client reviewed all the restored data via a remote file verification session and approved them. Then, we shipped his recovered files on a new hard disk drive, and the case was successfully closed.

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