Hard disk drives have a special track that is designed for landing and taking off magnetic heads, called the parking zone. The hard disk is designed for a certain number of magnetic head parking due to the wear of the kinematics. To track this parameter in S.M.A.R.T., two sensors are used.

All hard drives are equipped with an automatic parking mechanism when the power is turned off. Typically, parking is carried out via the kinetic energy of the rotation of magnetic disks. When the power is turned off, the spindle motor is used as a generator, and the energy extracted from its windings is used to move the magnetic heads to the parking position.

Despite all the fault tolerance a hard disk drive has, the device is still susceptible to data loss. The magnetic heads may crash on the platters, or they can be damaged by rapidly being pulled away from the disks.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers advanced data recovery solutions for hard drives after any failure scenario. Our experts easily recover the hard drive by bringing it temporarily to a working state and extracting all of the data safely.

Seagate External Hard Drive Data Recovery

Over the past week, we received a data recovery request for a hard drive. It was a Seagate External Hard Disk One Touch USB 3.2 Gen 1. The client was editing his photos stored on the media storage but accidentally dropped the drive while transferring his files to a laptop. 

When the customer tried to access his data, the hard drive had clicking sounds, and it was not determined in the operating system. After searching for a trustable data recovery company, he entrusted his vital files to our professionals. Our data recovery team received the drive and started the diagnostics right away. 

The first thing to do was to unseal the drive and inspect its internal components. We perform this process only in our ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom as our goal is to support the highest level of safety for your device.

The cleanroom is designed to minimize the ingress and generation of particles within the space. This way, no sensitive hard disk drive components will be damaged by dust.

The evaluation showed that the magnetic heads were pulled off the magnetic platters when the power was off. But it damaged the parking zone without letting the magnetic heads go on the disks’ surfaces.

As soon as the technical inspection was finished, we informed our customer regarding the success chances and estimated turnaround time. Upon receiving his approval, we started to recover lost files.

Seagate One Touch HDD Parking Zone Recovery

Our engineer started to recover the data by choosing a donor drive. Donor selection is one of data recovery’s most complex and variable stages. Our technicians successfully picked the perfect match thanks to our vast range of spare drives.

Replacing the block of magnetic heads requires special attention. Our technicians have sufficient experience and deep knowledge of working with customers’ disks. To perform work on replacing the block of magnetic heads, special MHA pullers were used. When removing the heads from the disk drive, they should not come into contact with another device and with the surface. 

The experience of our specialists had an essential role in this process. Any uncertain or unnecessary movement could leave a trace in the form of scratches on the surface or roll on the side of the sliders of the magnetic heads. Almost all actions in the hard disk containment area become irreversible.

Seagate External HDD Bad Sectors Recovery

As a result of incorrect estimation of the checksum when reading information written to the sector, the customer’s drive returns an error. Such sectors were assigned the unstable status in accordance with the firmware, followed by its transfer to BAD. 

To prevent blocking the hard disk when subtracting failures, our engineer used various methods for modifying the algorithms for processing defects by the hard disk. The recovery process included disabling, reassigning the RAM disk, modifying trace information modules, and others. 

The invariance of methods for disabling fault reassignment procedures for hard disks is due to the difference in the construction of the translator and the structure of the defect tables, as well as differences in the hard disk software.

The engineer successfully recovered the files and copied them on a new hard disk drive. The client reviewed the files and approved our work. We shipped his data back to him and successfully closed the case. 

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