The increasing use of USB 3.0 in new-age technology has enabled a vast number of ultra-fast bus-powered file storage devices. External HDDs and SSDs can benefit from the high-speed interface feature.

Seagate Backup Plus Portable Hard Drives provide massive file storage capacity, convenience, and speed. These hard drives can be used both at home and in the office. You can quickly store all types of files such as images, movies, games, and application installation files on these storage devices.

When users back up their important documents to Seagate Backup Plus portable hard drives, they often assume that the data stored on the hard drive is safe and protected, and the chances of data loss are minimal. But even these devices fail at some point.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides fast and reliable hard drive data recovery solutions. Our highly qualified engineers safely perform complex recovery processes on various media storage in an ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom.

Seagate Slim Portable HDD Failure

Recently, a small online business owner contacted our customer service team to request a data recovery for a 1TB Seagate Slim HDD. The client was backing up their sales report to the media storage, but he removed the hard disk drive without properly extracting it. Further, the operating system could not access the data, and irrelevant noises were heard.

During the consultation, the customer decided to go with an emergency recovery service, which usually takes 8-48 hours to finish. The client properly packed the hard drive to save it from static electricity and physical damage. After we ensured the proper packaging with the client, he sent the drive to our lab.

Our data recovery technicians received the hard drive and immediately started the expedited evaluation. The engineer examined the hard drive in a lab bypassing the software evaluation, i.e., S.M.A.R.T. assessment, as extraneous noises were heard.

The diagnostics showed that due to sudden power going off from the PC, the block of magnetic heads fell to the platters’ surfaces.

Luckily the read/write heads did not severely damage the magnetic platters.

Seagate HDD Stuck Magnetic Head Unit Recovery

Sticking the block of magnetic heads is one of the mechanical malfunctions. The magnetic heads are outside the parking ramp, directly on the working area, and stuck to it, not allowing the plates to unwind. Our engineers resolve this kind of failure by replacing the magnetic heads taken from the exact same model hard disk drives.

To continue the data recovery process, our experts cleaned the internal parts of the hard disk via an ultrasonic cleaner. This way, they could get most of the particles out of the drive, and the following processes were safe.

We successfully replaced the magnetic head unit and started the data extraction step. After replacing the read/write head, it was necessary to calibrate the heads for a hard disk drive. In some cases, the HDD can perform it on its own.

But if necessary, our data recovery technicians carry out a set of actions to calibrate the block of magnetic heads. If it is not done, the drive will not work, or the reading process will be prolonged. 

Hard Disk Drive Bad Sectors Restoration

During the error checking, logical bad sectors were found on the disk. Bad sectors on the hard drives are unreadable by the standard ATA command for reading a block. On an attempt to access the data, the drive returns an error bit, most often an uncorrectable read error.

Firstly, our technicians analyzed the locations of the bad blocks, whether they are grouped around a particular head or scattered randomly.

In the first type of malfunction, we would have to turn off the magnetic heads and run a factory self-test cycle to repair the hard drive. As the bad blocks were placed randomly, we ran a self-scan in an attempt to correct the situation.

During the self-test of the hard drive, adaptive tables were reconfigured, and defect lists relevant to the current state of the media were created as well.

Our engineers restored 99% of all the files. The client reviewed the data recovery results via a remote session verification. After his approval, we shipped the drive back to him on a new hard disk drive.

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