The Sony HandyCam is the digital camcorder used to record videos and photos of memorable moments. As a particular type of digital video camera, the FDR-AX30 model can be distinguished. Its main property is compactness, the ability to use in difficult conditions, shock resistance, and mobility. 

Videos Shot with a Digital Camera Can be Saved in:

  • Device’s Internal Memory
  • Built-in or Removable Hard Drive
  • Memory Card such as SD, SDHC, Micro SD, SD mini, SDXC, Micro SDXC, Compact Flash, etc.
The main formats of Sony HandyCam records are AVI, MOV, and MP4. It can also be MKV, MPG, MPEG, WMV, FLV, etc.

Sony HandyCam FDR-AX30 Data Failure

Recently we received a data recovery request for the Sony Handycam FDX-AX30 video camera with an SDXC memory card. The customer recorded his son’s soccer match, but when he tried to copy the video files to a hard drive, the device was not showing, and all of the transferred files were corrupted.

The Handycam FDX-AZ30 model can still be exposed to data loss regardless of its advantages. The most common reasons for loss or damage of digital camera video files can be:

  • Media Damage or Failure
  • Unintentional or Intentional Media Formatting
  • Accidental Deletion of a Video File
  • Lost Files During The Copy Process from Camera to Computer
  • Camera Turning Off During Video Recording, accidental or due to low battery
  • Physical Damage to The Camera As a Result of Impact or Water Penetration.

After consulting with our customer service, the client decided to entrust his camera to us. We received the device and started the diagnostics. Our engineers found out that the SDXC memory card failed due to memory controller failure.

The controller manages the operations occurring in the memory card, and any damage leads to its failure. The card is not recognized by the computer or is determined by the system in a size of several kilobytes.

SDXC Memory Card Restoration

The controller chip was burnt out. To recover data from a memory card, we carefully unsolder microcircuits: NAND or BGA and read the image from the microcircuits. Then a special algorithm key is used to decrypt information from the binary image. 

The parameters of the used algorithm depend on the type of drive controller. If necessary, our specialists can write a universal algorithm for the newest memory cards for which there are no standard solutions yet. This technique guarantees 100% success in recovering information from damaged cards.

Data Recovery Experts in Cleanroom

Our engineers unsoldered the memory card in our ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom. A cleanroom is a technically complex, expensive, and engineering structure. When we accessed the memory controller, we started to extract all the data. 

Corrupted Files Restoration

Data Recovery Experts in Cleanroom

Before starting to process graphic files, our engineers determine the format of the footage. Data recovery experts at PITS Global Data Recovery Services retrieve all file systems while preserving the files’ original quality. Our engineers restored the files’ main image and reduced form, and saved EXIF file types. 

All the video files were recovered and transferred from a corrupted SD card to a new SDXC memory card. The client reviewed the recovery process of lost data and approved it. We shipped the Sony HandyCam digital camera and successfully closed the case.

How We Work on Our Cases

PITS Global Data Recovery Services is one of the most reliable data recovery companies in the United States. We offer a vast range of data retrieval solutions for different kinds of media storage, including memory cards which are primarily used in photo and video cameras.

Our technicians are highly qualified experts with years of experience. They regularly take qualification courses receiving certification. It is vital to periodically certificate our engineers as there are new media storages and new ways to deal with them.

By having 50+ offices and drop-off points across the country, we made our services more accessible. Contact PITS Global Data Recovery Services at (888) 611-0737 to request professional data retrieval assistance, and we will help you with different types of file recovery processes.