Toshiba SMR Based Hard Drive Recovery
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Toshiba hard drives can face common issues, but they have unique features crucial for data recovery. The most frequent problem is the failure of the magnetic head unit, typically fixed by replacing the faulty heads and then reading the data. 

Finding matching donor parts for Toshiba drives is challenging, making data recovery a complex process that heavily relies on selecting the right donor. Success in this task requires extensive experience from specialists, as well as advanced data recovery tools in the lab for efficient work.

Our recent case study has shown a perfect example of magnetic head failure on a Toshiba HDD, leading to severe data loss for our client. 

In this case, the magnetic heads were damaged and needed to be replaced. We will delve into the details of this case and discuss how our team at Data Recovery Solutions successfully recovered the client’s data.

Toshiba SMR Hard Data Failure

Recently we received a data retrieval case of a Toshiba SMR hard drive. It was an SMR model Toshiba external hard drive. The customer accidentally extracted the HDD while it was recording data.

Data loss due to accidental extraction is not uncommon, but in this case, the damage was severe, as it resulted in a head crash. A head crash occurs when the read/write heads come into contact with the platter surface.

After the head crash, the client’s hard drive stopped working, and he was unable to access their data. He immediately contacted us for help in recovering their crucial files.

The customer reported that the drive was making clicking noises and was not recognized by the computer. These are typical symptoms of a physical hard drive failure, which requires immediate attention from data recovery experts.

Toshiba P300 Hard Drive Recovery

Evaluation of SMR Hard Drive

Upon receiving the Toshiba SMR hard drive, our team conducted a thorough evaluation to determine the extent of damage and assess the chances of data recovery.

The initial evaluation revealed that the magnetic heads were physically damaged, and replacement was necessary.

After explaining the possible causes of the failure, our team provided a quote for the data recovery service. The client agreed to the quote and gave us the go-ahead to proceed with the recovery.

Toshiba P300 SMR Hard Drive Recovery

Toshiba P300 Hard Drive Recovery

Our team began by carefully disassembling the hard drive in a cleanroom environment.

In SMR drives, all tracks are recorded, partially overlapping the previous one. Suppose it is necessary to overwrite information in the middle of the array. 

In that case, the system will have to duplicate the second track, which is superimposed on top, which entails overwriting the third one further along the chain. 

The elements in the BMH are directly interconnected in one circuit. Therefore, even if one magnetic head fails, it is necessary to carry out a complete replacement of the unit to recover the information. 

Replacing Heads on SMR Hard Drive

To replace the write heads on the HDD in our laboratory, specialists use an ultrasonic cleaner, which allows them to create all the necessary conditions for the safe replacement of the unit, preventing the possibility of dust particles remaining.^

Failed magnetic heads were replaced with working ones from a donor device. In cases where the disk surface is severely damaged, several hard disk drive donors may be required. In our case, we were able to find a suitable donor and replace the faulty heads successfully.

After the replacement, our team used specialized data recovery software to retrieve the client’s data. The process was time-consuming and required advanced techniques due to the SMR technology used in Toshiba drives.

Successful Toshiba SMR Hard Drive Recovery

Fortunately, our experienced team of specialists successfully recovered all of the client’s data without any further complications. We then transferred the recovered data to a new storage device and handed it over to the client.

The client was relieved and grateful to have their important files back. He was also impressed with our efficient data recovery process, thanks to our advanced tools and experienced team.

It is crucial not to try to replace the magnetic head unit yourself, even if you have a similar, fully functional hard drive and all the tools you need. In this case, your actions may lead to the impossibility of recovering data from a failed drive. This procedure requires special equipment and the specific skills of qualified experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to its unique method of data storage, the SMR technology used in Toshiba hard drives requires advanced techniques and tools for successful data recovery.

No, it is not recommended to replace the magnetic head unit yourself as it requires specialized equipment and skills to prevent further damage to the drive and possibly make data recovery impossible. It is best to leave it to experienced data recovery professionals.

Accidentally removing a hard drive while it is recording data can cause physical damage to the drive, making data recovery more challenging but not impossible. For the best chances of successful retrieval, it is best to immediately consult with a data recovery specialist.

Yes, it is possible to recover data from a severely damaged Toshiba SMR hard drive with the help of experienced data recovery professionals and specialized tools. However, the success rate may vary depending on the extent of damage to the drive.

Yes, we provide a remote customer file verification session where you can preview the recovered files before paying for the service. This ensures that you are satisfied with the results before making any payments.