Data recovery after the ransomware is a problem that many people face today. Encrypting services have been significantly developed in recent years. There are more than two dozen of their variations, each characterizing a particular approach to encrypting information on media storage.

The creators of the virus, of course, offer a way out of this situation. Usually, it consists in paying a certain amount to the specified details, and at the same time, a very significant one. Considering that they can damage your files, paying scammers for their service will not be the best way. 

If you are facing such a situation, do not panic. The first step is to stop using the device on a computer to avoid spreading the virus. The next step is to contact a reliable data recovery company, which will restore all your essential files.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers data decryption services to individuals facing ransomware attacks. Our highly qualified engineers will restore all the available data and decrypt them. With years of experience, advanced labs, and cutting-edge data recovery solutions, we are proud to support a 99% success rate for years. Fill in a request form to start your case today. Our dedicated customer service representative will get back to you in no time.

Ransomware Data Recovery Services

Ransomware is malicious software designed to exact, blocking access to a computer system or prevent the data written to it from being read. The virus often uses encryption techniques to demand a ransom from the victim to restore the original state. After being installed on the victim’s computer, the program encrypts most working files, such as files with common extensions. In this case, the computer remains operational, but all user’s files are inaccessible. 

Recently, our engineers faced a ransomware incident of the client. It was a WD My Passport Ultra data recovery request. The customer plugged his hard drive into a public PC but could not open his documents. 

He then tried to access the files on his computer, but a ransomware window popped up. The window said to pay the ransom to access the vital documents. The client decided not to do anything and reached out to us.

WD Ransomware Data Failure

The stressed client called us requesting our data recovery services. Our customer service team is qualified for such situations, and they are always ready to clearly explain the process, answering all the questions a client has. After the consultation with our representative, the customer decided to ship his drive to our lab.

Our technicians started the diagnostics and found out that the files were encrypted. They use specialized decryption keys to access the files and restore them. A decryption key is secret information used by our cryptographic algorithm when encrypting or decrypting files. It sets and verifies a digital signature and calculates authentication codes.

When using the same algorithm, the encryption result depends on the key. For modern algorithms of strong cryptography, the loss of a key makes it practically impossible to decrypt the information. Our data recovery specialists successfully handled the decryption part. The ransomware failure affected the file system, so we had to restore it.

File System Restoration

Engineers at PITS Global Data Recovery Services take qualification courses frequently. They are competent enough to work with most file systems in various data loss situations. As the file system was imaged as RAW, the built-in CHKDSK utility launched using the command line would most likely not solve the problem. 

The client’s hard drive file system was 100% restored and shipped back to him after he approved all the files we recovered.

Sometimes it is possible to get rid of a virus by unblocking forms on antivirus sites. The other option is special software created by antivirus companies for different geographic regions where Trojans are active. 

In some cases, software manufacturers advise deleting the Trojan files. But users may delete files or folders and even damage the file system during this process.

It is worth considering that the virus can remain operational even in safe mode in some cases. In such cases, you need to enter safe mode with the command line. The next step is to run the explorer process in the console and suspend the Trojan. Then contact a reliable data recovery company to decrypt and retrieve all the essential files safely.

Contact PITS Global Data Recovery Services at (888) 611-0737 to request professional ransomware removal and recovery processes. We will retrieve all your files safely and professionally.