Western Digital My Book Thunderbolt Duo dual-drive drive equipped with revolutionary Thunderbolt interface sets a new standard for speed data transfer and organization flexibility among high-capacity drives.

Multiple dual drive configuration options used on this Device can create a RAID array or work with each disk individually:

  • RAID 0 for maximum capacity and increased work speed.
  • RAID 1 for extra strong protection through automatic creating duplicates of all data. 
  • JBOD or separate disk mode in which disks are not combined into a RAID array but operate independently of each other.

My Book Thunderbolt Duo Drive Drives Initially are combined in RAID 0, formatted in the HFS+J file system. The absence of redundancy in RAID level 0 drive failure leads to complete data loss.

Thunderbolt Interface, delivering unprecedented data relocation rates, will help the users get more work done in less time. The interface provided by Western Digital to My Book Thunderbolt Duo Dual Drive is the fastest way to exchange files within external drives.

WD My Book Thunderbolt Duo Failure

Recently, a Western Digital My Book Thunderbolt Duo media storage was submitted for data recovery. The customer mentioned that a sudden power outage interrupted his work while transferring his video materials to the hard drive for further editing. He tried to access the files, but the device was not showing up when connecting to his MacBook Pro.

The customer entrusted his data storage to our professionals. As he had other essential documents on the media, retrieving 100% of his data was vital. After consultation with our customer service representative, he decided to proceed with an emergency data solution.

We provide an emergency data recovery service for those who need to access their valuable files as soon as possible. This option takes 8-48 hours to finish completely, decreasing the downtime for a client.

The data recovery team started the evaluation of the Western Digital external drive as soon as they received the device. Our laboratory has professional hardware systems to diagnose drives. Before testing, an external visual inspection of the drive is carried out without opening the HDA for mechanical damage. 

Next, the WD external hard drive was connected to hardware via the standard interface, and all its units and components were tested. The entire assessment process is carried out exclusively in the Read-Only mode when the drive is disabled for writing. This method ensures that the diagnostics will not overwrite or damage the data stored on the hard drive.

WD Thunderbolt HDD Actuator Arm Recovery

An ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom assessment revealed that both drives’ magnetic heads rushed to the parking space when the power went down, which damaged the read/write heads units.

The magnetic heads read and write data on the magnetic disk. Each magnetic disk has two read/write heads, one for each side of the disk. The block of magnetic heads is attached to a drive’s actuator arm that places it on the magnetic disk where data is to be read or written. 

Actuators moved the magnetic head units to the parking space so rapidly that they were damaged. Our engineers fix this type of malfunction by replacing the entire BMH and their parking ramp if required. It is repaired with a serviceable one in the cleanroom. In this case, the specialist had to calibrate the heads and, as a result, gained access to the service firmware of the disk.

The contents of the user zone were read using the data extracting tools, selecting the optimal model. A disk with non-native heads requires a unique approach and special means for reading. After accessing all the data, our specialist started reinitializing the RAID 0 and restoring its controller. 

WD RAID 0 Restoration

RAID 0 is a system where two or more disks are combined into a single disk system, where data is written block by block. At the same time, RAID 0 does not contain any elements of redundancy: there is neither mirroring nor checksums.

The operation of the box controller was simulated to gain access to the customer’s data. 

The dimensions of the inner disk data distribution block and the beginning of the partition with user data were calculated. These parameters were set in the corresponding settings, and the HFS+ file system became visible.

All of the customer’s lost data was restored carefully and step by step. After completing the recovery process, we scheduled a file verification session.

The client approved all the recovered data, and we sent it back on the brand-new Western Digital hard drive. After that, our data recovery engineers destroyed all of the client’s data stored on our servers and successfully closed the case.

Contact PITS Global Data Recovery Services at (888) 611-0737 to request our cutting-edge data retrieval solutions. Or fill in the form to start your data recovery case right away. Our highly trained engineers retrieve data from various media storage devices. They securely reinitialize all RAID levels ensuring data integrity.