When operating normally, hard drives make no sound. However, a hard drive can suddenly make unusual noises that will catch your attention. Clicking noise coming from your hard disk drive does not mean anything good. It is one of the most significant indicators that something is wrong with your data storage device.

Before doing anything with your media, it is essential to understand what caused a distinctive sound from a device. Therefore, first, you need to identify the root cause of the situation and take appropriate action.

Why Does Hard Drive Make Clicking Noise?

Physical Damage

If the hard drive was dropped, exposed to magnetic influence, or knocked, it could be damaged. Replacing a device with a new one will be a good solution, but extracting data from it should be your first step.

Service Area Problems

The service area stores critical data, which helps with HDD operation. If the module reading error occurs, then an actuator arm will go through the disk looking for the required files, making a clicking noise.

Misaligned Read/Write Heads

Hard disk drive requires specific care. But when treating it wrong, the read-write heads or spindle arms can misalign. Thus, an actuator arm cannot complete a smooth motion, causing a clicking sound.

Wear and Tear

Like any other device, a hard drive is prone to failure due to natural wear and tear. A hard disk drive's average lifecycle is three to five years. When exceeding this period, a hard drive will probably fail.

Power Failure

Power failure can be a cause for many issues, including click of death on the hard drive. Power surge often results in files' inaccessibility, so when it occurs, all the data can be lost in a moment.

Manufacturer's Defect

A defect in your device should also be considered a cause for a clicking noise. Sometimes, clicking can be heard suddenly from a relatively new and properly functioning hard disk drive.

What to Do When Hearing Clicking from a Hard Drive?

When facing a failure on a hard disk drive, many users react differently. Some power down the device and get in touch with a reputable recovery company, while others try to solve the problem themselves.

You can find data recovery software on the Internet, but using it on your device is risky. A recovery program may handle a logical data loss, but if the files are inaccessible due to physical damage, it will not solve the problem. Many repair tutorials may advise putting your hard drive in a freezer or replacing broken components yourself. 

Nevertheless, working on your device in unspecialized facilities or placing the device in a freezer will not help you.

Restoring data from a clicking hard drive is a complicated process that requires an individual approach, specialized tools, and cutting-edge facilities. Therefore, entrusting your device to a data recovery company with years of experience is beneficial for your media. 

Our Data Recovery Specialists

Entrust Your Clicking Hard Drive to Us

PITS Global Data Recovery Services is a verified and certified company that offers reliable solutions for clicking hard drive restoration. Our engineers have experience working with damaged internal and external hard drives, achieving maximum results. We support all the requirements to maintain our 99% success rate. 

Our team keeps up with the time and does everything to provide customers with modern solutions. Moreover, our engineers regularly attend qualification courses and develop new recovery techniques to be able to deal with any data loss scenario.

Certified & Accredited Data Recovery

99% Success Rate

50+ Locations Throughout the US

ISO Class 10 Cleanroom Recovery

Risk-Free Evaluation & Diagnostics

Flexible Service Options

We provide a safe data recovery process for clicking hard drives, supporting all the security requirements.

Our Clicking Hard Drive Recovery Process

As soon as we receive your clicking hard drive at our facilities, we will notify you immediately. Our dedicated team will keep you up to date throughout the recovery process. Our first step is a technical inspection of your drive. We will thoroughly evaluate it to find what caused a clicking sound. This process is completely risk-free for all devices.

Hard Drive Recovery in Certified Cleanroom

As soon as the device examination is completed, we provide a detailed report which includes the cause of data loss, chances for successful recovery, timing turnaround, and service charge options. And after receiving this report, you will decide whether to continue the recovery or cancel it. Our engineers work on clicking the hard drives only in specialized facilities. We perform a recovery in Class 10 ISO-Certified Cleanroom

By working on your device in a controlled environment, we ensure that no damage is done. PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides its clients with a positive experience and maximum results. Our specialists will successfully restore data from a clicking hard disk drive, regardless of the reason. Start your case with our data recovery experts today by filling in the form below or calling us at (888) 611-0737.

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