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Seagate Data Recovery – PITS Global provides expert data recovery services for Seagate Enterprise Hard Drive, SSD, RAID, JBOD, Corvault, and NAS. Recover data from BarraCuda, One Touch Expansion, Exos E 2U12, Exos E 2U24, Exos E 5U84 and more.

Seagate Backup Plus Fast Recovery

PITS Global Data Recovery Services specializes in developing customized data recovery solutions exclusively crafted for Seagate devices. Our focus lies in delivering exceptional services to meet your specific needs. Our team comprises highly skilled professionals who possess an extensive understanding of Seagate’s advanced technology and are adept at handling various data loss scenarios. With our unwavering dedication, PITS Global Data Recovery Services aims to assist you in promptly and efficiently recovering your critical data, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

Seagate Recovery Testimonials

Our Seagate recovery process has garnered exceptional testimonials, showcasing its remarkable achievements. Numerous individuals and businesses have witnessed transformative outcomes, such as the successful recovery of valuable data and the assurance of uninterrupted operations.Our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority. We put our best effort into recovering their lost data and ensuring they receive the highest service from us. Here are some testimonials from our satisfied customers who have experienced our reliable Seagate data recovery services.

Seagate Hard Drive Recovery

Seagate Hard Drive Recovery, offered by PITS Global Data Recovery Services, utilizes advanced technology, state-of-the-art recovery tools, and a team of skilled specialists to guarantee the best possible outcomes. Personal computers and enterprise-level storage systems extensively employ Seagate hard drives. The Ultra Touch HDD stands out with its sleek design and ample storage capacity, offering a preferred choice for those seeking style and functionality.

The One Touch HDD is highly esteemed for its user-friendly nature and simplicity, making it the preferred choice for individuals seeking straightforward, hassle-free data backup solutions.

In contrast, the Barracuda HDD, commonly utilized in desktops and workstations, is renowned for its exceptional reliability and outstanding performance. Its robust construction and advanced technologies ensure users can rely on it for efficient and uninterrupted data storage. However, it is important to note that even these reliable drives are not immune to unforeseen events that may result in data loss.

Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive Restoration

Therefore, implementing proper backup strategies and preventive measures is crucial to safeguard your valuable data. PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides advanced Seagate Hard Drive Data retrieval and restoration techniques, serving as a crucial lifeline for individuals and businesses. Our advanced solutions guarantee the effortless retrieval of invaluable data.

Seagate Enterprise Hard Drive Recovery

Seagate Enterprise Hard Drive Data Recovery is our specialty at PITS Global Data Recovery Services. We offer comprehensive recovery solutions for Seagate Enterprise Data Storage systems. Our comprehensive recovery services encompass all devices in the Seagate Enterprise range, including the eminent Seagate Enterprise Exos Hard drives, renowned for their high capacity and top-tier performance. Seagate Enterprise Hard Drives are meticulously engineered to meet the robust and demanding storage requirements of large-scale, data-centric applications.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services

Despite the premium features and advanced technologies offered by the Seagate Enterprise Exos Hard drives, data failure can still occur due to various factors. Whether it’s an X series device designed for high-capacity storage or an E series unit optimized for maximum efficiency, our PITS Global Data Recovery Services team is fully equipped to handle data retrieval from these systems.

Our proven data recovery procedures, state-of-the-art technology, and a team of highly skilled professionals ensure the safe and reliable recovery of your valuable data.

Irrespective of the underlying factors behind a data loss, be it hardware failure, corruption, accidental deletion, or a malware attack, our commitment lies in delivering comprehensive and efficient data retrieval solutions. 

Data Recovery for Seagate Enterprise Exos Hard Drives

Seagate Enterprise Hard Drives, including the Exos X24, X20, X18, and X16 series, are purposefully designed to address the robust and demanding storage needs of large-scale, data-centric applications. The Exos 7E8, 7E10, 7E2000, and 10E2400 series are engineered to operate uninterrupted in high-transaction environments like data centers, cloud storage systems, and critical business applications. With unparalleled storage density and top-notch security, these series provide a remarkable blend of performance, reliability, and endurance.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services is the greatest provider of personalized data recovery solutions for the Seagate Exos hard drive series. Our reliable team of experts is fully committed to helping you recover your valuable data with unparalleled accuracy and effectiveness. You can rely on us to provide exceptional services tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring the highest quality of service.

Seagate SSD Data Recovery

Seagate SSD Data Recovery, another standout service from PITS Global, addresses SSD-specific challenges, such as NAND flash failures or firmware problems. Our approach is tailored to the unique technical specifications of Seagate SSDs, ensuring the safe retrieval of your critical data. Seagate SSD is a reliable storage solution for large-scale enterprises, offering robust data protection through a resilient architecture. Distributing data across multiple drives optimizes performance. However, SSD devices can still experience failures. Seagate SSDs, while providing exceptional speed and durability, may suffer data loss due to various issues, such as firmware problems, electrical surges, or physical damage. PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers a comprehensive Seagate SSD data recovery solution backed by a highly skilled professional team.

The recovery procedure for Seagate SSD initiates with an initial device assessment. The evaluation aims to ascertain the extent of the damage, enabling the creation of a customized recovery plan tailored to the specific circumstances of each data loss scenario.
Afterward, the damaged SSD is meticulously handled within a controlled environment utilizing cutting-edge tools to prevent further harm. Specialized techniques are employed to access the data, even in cases where the SSD has sustained significant physical or logical damage.

Seagate SSD data Recovery

Every precaution is taken throughout the process to ensure the highest possibility of successful data recovery. Our recovery services include inaccessible data from popular models such as BarraCuda SSD, One Touch, Expansion, and BarraCuda Fast SSD. With a deep understanding of Seagate’s advanced SSD technology, PITS ensures a high success rate in complex data recovery tasks.

Seagate RAID Data Recovery

Seagate RAID Data Recovery, a core service at PITS Global Data Recovery Services, handles complex RAID configurations and common RAID failures with remarkable efficiency and precision. The Seagate RAID is a highly esteemed and extensively utilized storage solution tailored specifically to meet the demands of large-scale enterprises. By employing a unique methodology that distributes data across multiple drives, Seagate RAID optimizes performance and ensures robust data protection.

Seagate RAID Data Failure Reasons

While Seagate RAID systems are engineered for high performance and redundancy, they can still suffer from data loss due to several factors:

Hardware Failure: This can happen due to issues with the RAID controller, hard drives, or other essential components of the RAID system. The RAID array may become inaccessible when hardware components fail, leading to data loss.
Corruption: Data corruption within a RAID system can be due to software bugs, power surges, or system crashes. This corruption can make accessing data stored within the RAID array impossible.

Accidental Deletion or Formatting: Data loss in a Seagate RAID system can occur due to human error, such as unintentionally deleting files or formatting drives. It is one of the most common causes of RAID data loss.
Virus or Malware Attack: Viruses or malware can infiltrate the RAID system and either directly delete files or cause system instability, leading to data loss.
RAID Rebuild Failure: RAID systems often attempt to rebuild themselves after a single drive failure. However, data loss may occur if another drive fails during the rebuild process.

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Seagate JBOD Data Recovery

Seagate JBOD Data Recovery, a service provided by PITS Global Data Recovery Services, specializes in retrieving data from ‘Just a Bunch Of Disks’ (JBOD) configurations. Seagate JBOD, or Just a Bunch of Disks, offers a highly reliable and robust storage solution designed for large enterprises. With its resilient architecture, Seagate JBOD ensures the utmost safety and security of critical data, providing peace of mind to organizations.


By efficiently distributing data across multiple drives, Seagate JBOD delivers optimal performance and enhances data protection. This intelligent data distribution strategy minimizes the risk of data loss or corruption, ensuring the integrity and availability of valuable information.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services cover a broad range of Seagate JBOD models, including, but not limited to, Exos E 2U12, 2U24, and 5U84. You can rely on our expertise and precision to recover your valuable data with the highest professionalism.

Regardless of the JBOD model, if you encounter a failure, rest assured that our expert team can retrieve your crucial data. We leverage our vast experience, advanced tools, and refined methodologies to maximize our recovery success rates across all Seagate JBOD models.

Seagate Corvault Data Recovery

Seagate Corvault Data Recovery, a specialized service at PITS Global, delivers unparalleled results for Corvault systems. Seagate Corvault is a prominent storage solution designed to cater to the needs of large-scale enterprises, utilizing a highly resilient architecture to safeguard crucial data. It employs a unique methodology, distributing data across multiple drives to optimize performance and provide robust data protection. Corvault devices are not immune to failure despite their advanced features and dependability. Logical issues such as accidental deletion formatting errors can result in data loss. Corvault devices are not immune to failure despite their advanced features and dependability. Logical issues such as accidental deletion, formatting errors, or software corruption can result in data loss.

Additionally, physical failures, including mechanical wear and tear, heat-induced damage, or electrical surges, can also lead to a breakdown of a Corvault device, underscoring the necessity for specialized data recovery solutions.
PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers specialized recovery solutions for Seagate Corvault devices. With a comprehensive understanding of Seagate’s advanced Corvault technology, PITS can manage complex data recovery tasks, ensuring the highest possible success rate.

Seagate Certified Data Recovery

PITS is a leading certified data recovery company providing reliable and efficient services. We understand the value of your data and strive to provide the best solutions for recovering lost or damaged data from Seagate devices.

Seagate NAS Data Recovery

Seagate NAS Data Recovery, another specialized service at PITS Global, offers unparalleled expertise in retrieving data from Seagate NAS devices. PITS Global Data Recovery Services delivers effective and dependable solutions for recovering Seagate NAS data. Seagate NAS devices offer robust data protection and optimal performance for large-scale enterprises. However, they may encounter physical failures that result in data loss.

We utilize a unique methodology that combines our exclusive tools with advanced techniques to successfully retrieve data from all Seagate NAS OS 4. x and IronWolf NAS 3.5 models.

Seagate NAS – Data Failure and Recovery

Data loss or failure in Seagate NAS devices can occur for numerous logical and physical reasons.

Accidental Deletion: Users may inadvertently delete crucial files or data, causing loss.
Formatting Errors: Improper or accidental reformatting of the NAS drives can lead to data loss.

Heat-Induced Damage: Improper ventilation or cooling can cause the NAS drives to overheat, damaging the components and causing data loss.

Seagate 160GB External Drive Data Recovery

Electrical Surges: Unstable power supply or electrical surges can cause severe damage to the NAS drives, leading to data loss.

Our team is prepared to handle the intricate data retrieval process when the NAS has suffered extensive damage. We employ meticulous recovery procedures to recover your valuable data, ensuring uninterrupted business operations. Count on PITS Global Data Recovery Services for reliable and efficient NAS data recovery solutions.

What Customers Say About PITS

In conclusion, PITS Global Data Recovery Services is a reliable and trusted solution for comprehensive data recovery across several Seagate devices, including SSDs, Hard Drives, JBOD, NAS, and Seagate Corvault systems. Despite being recognized for their reliability and robust performance, these devices remain vulnerable to data loss due to various causes, such as physical damage, firmware faults, electronic failures, human errors, and malicious attacks. However, Our team of highly skilled professionals, equipped with advanced recovery techniques, is proficient in dealing with many data loss scenarios.

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Data Recovery Reviews
Average rating 4.9
This company is rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 6215 review(s)
Avatar of Matthew Leal
Matthew Leal
Apr 18, 2024
My data was successfully recovered! I'm so happy with this service. Emma was an excellent customer service rep and helped me through the account verification process with ease. Thanks so much!
Apr 18, 2024
To be honest, I am super happy and satisfied with the delivered service by PITS Global. I have met so many people and read reviews of many others with their amazing experience at PITS. Firstly, I had ... a nice chat with my account manager, John, before shipping them the device. He even sent me a prepaid shipping label for my 4TB WD blue HDD)) Happy to say, I shipped then the device very next day and waited for ny evaluation results. So after 3 days, they sent me an email with the quote and a whole explanation of my hdd’s problem, so I can have a better understanding of their service. The pricing was fair and I decided to move with the standard procedure. Fast forward, after couple days, I got a call from Filip for the verification session. The final results were not what I expected because PITS could get ALL of my data without a missing file. These folks are the real professionals in their field and I am super blessed that I had a chance to work with them. High five for excellent results!)
(Read More)
Apr 17, 2024
My data was fully recovered, I am very pleased
Avatar of Iorvor Daniel
Iorvor Daniel
Apr 17, 2024
Huge thanks to Eric and all of the engineers that work at PITS. These guys could recover 2TB of my data from corrupted Seagate HDD. Before shipping them my device, I had a talk with many other ... companies but the PITS grabbed my attention, so we moved forward with them. They truly ARE the professionals!
(Read More)
Avatar of Kimberly Zamora
Kimberly Zamora
Apr 16, 2024
I have been using my brother's 2TB WD HDD for a while but last month when It was connected to my laptop, we had a power surge which affected the device. I knew that he will be furious if he finds out, ... so I needed to move quick. A whilee ago, I already had a talk with PITS but never used them, so I believe this was the time. I explained them the situation, shipped the device, approved the recovery process and just waited, just waited.....But thankfully within only few days, Filip called me that they recovered everything, so it's time for a verification session. I jumped on my computer, had to see all of the files like nothing happened to the drive and approved the same second. Thanks to PITS, my brother never found out, so I am incredibly thankful for the job they have done
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Doug Kellogg
Apr 16, 2024
During a routine system update, our office’s 24TB RAID 6 array with operational data experienced a catastrophic failure. Thankfully, PITS Global Data Recovery in Los Angeles was recommended by a ... fellow technician. We had a good talk with Eric and moved forward to the recovery process after receiving our evaluation results. I personally was in constant in touch with them because of my stressful situation but they were incredibly professional and never let me down during any of our calls. I am putting 5 stars for their communication and another 5 stars for the successful recovery of the data. Losing this data could have definitely disrupted our tech startup's operations for months
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve experienced data loss on your Seagate NAS and prefer professional assistance, consider contacting our services at PITS Global Data Recovery Services. We specialize in Seagate NAS data recovery, employing advanced techniques to retrieve lost data caused by accidental deletions, disk failures, or corruption. Our team of professionals can assess the extent of the data loss, provide a tailored recovery plan, and use industry-leading technologies to recover your critical information from Seagate NAS devices.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services handles a wide range of Seagate devices, including but not limited to Seagate Hard Drives, Seagate SSDs, Seagate RAID Arrays, Seagate NAS, JBOD, and Cornvault.

Seagate SSDs are compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Seagate provides drivers and utilities that ensure seamless integration with various platforms.

With our skilled team and cutting-edge tools, we boast a high success rate in data recovery from different Samsung storage devices. However, the likelihood of a successful recovery varies based on the extent of damage and other case-specific factors. Our goal is to maximize the chances of a successful recovery for our clients.

Although there may be differences in firmware among NAS hard drives, the variation among the latest models of high-capacity storage is minimal. If one were to make a choice, NAS HDDs would demonstrate superior performance in quick-read operations. Furthermore, enterprises widely recognize the drive’s exceptional ability to deliver high performance consistently.

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