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With the growth in technology, the importance of cybersecurity has increased. Ransomware prevention strategy must be a priority for individuals and businesses. Without it, they are putting themselves at huge risk of losing valuable and confidential data.

Nowadays, digital information is the most valuable asset, and losing it can cause severe consequences. Hence, ensuring your data with the most robust ransomware protection is essential. Designing a ransomware prevention strategy, you should leave no opportunity for future attacks.

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a complicated type of malware that affects the data storage device and prevents access to all valuable information. Usually, the data is restricted to the users via encryption. A business or individuals can restore lost data by paying a ransom. In another case, if the ransom is not paid, access to the files will be permanently lost.

Common Ways How Ransomware Can infect Data Storage Devices:

Corrupted Websites

Phishing Emails

RDP Attacks

System Vulnerabilities

By avoiding malicious software and suspicious emails, you can protect your data from unauthorized usage. However, there are more advanced methods that can help you ensure your data’s security.

Practices to Avoid Ransomware

Technology is constantly evolving, so it is essential to keep up with cybersecurity to protect your valuable data. Various practices can help you with it.

Backup Your Data

By backing up your files to the cloud or external drive, you will avoid all the outcomes of ransomware. Emptying the device without any consequences is possible in case of an attack. After, the ransomware will be gone, so you can quickly restore the data from a backup.

Avoid Unknown External Media

Connecting unfamiliar external media to your computer can be very risky. If you do not know where this device came from or what it contains, it is better not to use it by working with your valuable data. In another case, you can get your computer infected through it.

Keep Software Up to Date

Updating the programs and operating systems is another way to protect your device from malware. So, when you update the system, ensure the usage of the security patches. This way, highlighting the vulnerabilities of your programs will be impossible.

Avoid Suspicious Links

Clicking on links on suspicious websites or spam messages can be risky for your data storage system. By clicking the malicious link, you will automatically start an installation process, resulting in a ransomware infection on your device.

Use Reliable Sources

If there is a need to upload something on your device, entrust this mission only to trustworthy providers. It is essential to be very cautious when installing anything on your media, as it can contain ransomware or any other kind of malware.

Perform Regular Testing

Regular testing is one of the security solutions that should be a priority for every user. If something is wrong with your system, diagnostics will notice and inform you about it. This way, you can prevent ransomware and ensure the protection of your data.

Install Antivirus

Antivirus software is the most reliable method to protect your personal information from ransomware. This tool will help scan, detect, and react to cyber threats. Anti-malware programs will stop the ransomware and protect your important data.

Use VPN for Public Networks

Using a public network without protection can be very dangerous for sensitive data. A computer is more vulnerable to attacks when connected to a public network. To shield the device from ransomware, you should employ a secure VPN service.

Practices to Avoid Ransomware

PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides individuals and businesses in the United States with professional recovery services in case of ransomware. Our skilled engineers restore access to encrypted files on hard drives, SSDs, RAIDs, flash drives, servers, and other devices. 

Our company keeps up with the times and regularly develops new technologies. We obtain the latest tools and advanced facilities and recover data from any encryption system. Engineers at PITS Global Data Recovery Services approach each case individually and find the most suitable data repair solution. We are ready to help you restore data from ransomware-damaged devices and achieve the maximum results. 

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