A Toshiba hard drive can experience any of the common problems. But for this brand, it is possible to formulate some features that are very important for data recovery. The most common failure of Toshiba drives is the collapse of the magnetic head unit. Such problems are solved by replacing faulty heads with donor ones, followed by data reading.

One of the features of the Toshiba droves is a rare match of donor spare parts. Therefore, in order to recover data from these drives, the process of selecting a donor becomes a very difficult task, the correct solution of which determines the success of recovery.

And, to achieve such success, a specialist will need a lot of experience. Of course, it is vital to have high-level data recovery tools in the laboratory for smooth work performance.

HDD Magnetic Block of Heads Failure

The read/write head failure may seem obvious with other hard drives. This problem can be known as clicking the magnetic disk heads or completely unleashing the creak and rattle noises from the magnetic platter. Successful recovery requires a cleanroom and state-of-the-art data recovery equipment. Even the slightest ingress of dust into the sealed HDD case can lead to irreversible loss of information. 

With the help of special hardware, the specialist eliminates the sticking of the BMH by examining the surface of the plates and the condition of the block as a whole.

If there is damage, the block is replaced with a similar one from the donor disk, after which sector-by-sector proofreading is carried out, and the data is transferred to a working disk. 

If, after removing the sticking of the BMG, no visible damage was found on the surfaces of the plates, this does not mean that they are absent.

In the sector-by-sector reading of the device, data recovery experts can notice that some sectors cannot be read due to their physical damage. In this case, the file or parts of the file recorded in this area will be lost.

Toshiba HDD Data Recovery

Recently we received a data retrieval case of a Toshiba SMR hard drive. It was an SMR model Toshiba external hard drive. The customer accidentally extracted the HDD while it was recording data.

In SMR drives, all tracks are recorded, partially overlapping the previous one. Suppose it is necessary to overwrite information in the middle of the array. In that case, the system will have to duplicate the second track, which is superimposed on top, which entails overwriting the third one further along the chain. 

The elements in the BMH are directly interconnected in one circuit. Therefore, even if one magnetic head fails, it is necessary to carry out a complete replacement of the unit to recover the information. 

To restore the write heads on the HDD in our laboratory, specialists use an ultrasonic cleaner, which allows them to create all the necessary conditions for the safe replacement of the unit, preventing the possibility of dust particles remaining.

Toshiba SMR Hard Drive Recovery 

Failed magnetic heads were replaced with working ones from a donor device. In cases where the disk surface is severely damaged, several hard disk drive donors may be required.

It is crucial not to try to replace the magnetic head unit yourself, even if you have a similar fully functional hard drive and all the tools you need. In this case, your actions may lead to the impossibility of recovering data from a failed drive. This procedure requires special equipment and the specific skill of qualified experts.

The lost files were successfully recovered and delivered to the customer on a new hard drive. He was very satisfied with the results and amazed that all files were successfully restored. Contact us at (888) 611-0737 to have a consultation about your specific case and further request our professional data retrieval solutions.