Virtualization certainly has its specific advantages, but it adds complexity to disaster and data recovery operations.
Multiple servers on a single machine and virtualization platform allow us to use hardware resources more efficiently. However, if server monitoring measures are not present in the event of a machine crash, multiple servers may become inaccessible at the same time.
It is not the first such case that we received. The customer had a host machine with a VMware ESXi hypervisor and several deployed guest servers. In this virtual environment, the thin-provisioning option was enabled.
At some point, RAID 1 failed, and the customer tried to fix the problem by himself. Obviously, after consulting with us, the client decided to take drives for our technical inspection.
Results of the evaluation showed that failure was caused by a system-related crash. In addition, we also estimated the recovery of data as possible.
The client did not hesitate to approve the recovery of virtually archived files. So PITS Global Data Recovery Services engineers successfully recovered all required data and gave valuable advice to avoid such problems in the future.