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With only 32 MB in the primary operating system, VMware ESXi sets a new bar for security with a smaller potential attack surface. ESXi’s small footprint and high reliability allow VMware ESXi to be built directly into standard x86 servers. 

Virtualization certainly has its specific advantages, but it adds complexity to data recovery operations.

Advantages Of Virtualization:

  • Reduce server deployment time with an easy-to-configure and easy-to-use hypervisor.
  • Unique infrastructure reliability with a minimal security risk.
  • Simplify management with a compact, OS-agnostic hypervisor.

Multiple servers on a single machine and virtualization platform allow using hardware resources more efficiently. However, if server monitoring measures are not present in the event of a machine crash, multiple servers may become inaccessible at the same time.

PITS Global Data Recovery can analyze all of them and provide clients with top-level data recovery solutions for any systems with VMware ESXi. Recently, we successfully closed our Vmware ESXi data rescue case.

Our Data VMware ESXi Recovery Case

It is not the first such case that we received. The customer had a VMware ESXi host in a Not Responding state on the vCenter Server. At least once, every VMware vSphere administrator has had this issue where one or more VMware ESXi hosts in the vSphere Client console on the vCenter Server showed up as Not Responding. There can be many reasons for this. 

After noticing the problem with VMware, the customer contacted us. In this case, our client was a company that was providing online shopping services. For the firm, it was necessary to get servers running as soon as possible, so we scheduled a consultation at the nearest date. 

It was essential for us to get all the information about the device and its failure so that we would provide the customer with the most suitable recovery strategy. Via the consultation, we were able to estimate all the details regarding the case and offered the client an onsite recovery service. 

With onsite data recovery, the device did not have to leave its physical location, and the customer would get access to all the files right away. Hence, our client decided to go with this option and submitted a case. After submission, we sent our specialists to their location, and the recovery process began.

Dell Drives Data Recovery

VMware ESXi Failure

First of all, our engineers needed to make sure that the ESXi host was in an upstate. It is advisable to verify this both physically and logically. 

The Server is included in the rack, and we examined its console. In our case, it was via iDRAC. The situation was that the host fell into PSOD (Purple Screen of Death or Purple Diagnostic Screen).

After breaking down each section of the Purple Screen of Death, our data recovery specialists determined every error message. By using our advanced recovery solutions, we were able to fix each error that occurred. The client reviewed all the work done and approved the recovery of all the files. 

So PITS Global Data Recovery Services engineers successfully recovered all required data and gave valuable advice to avoid such problems in the future.   

Recovery of virtual machines is a very delicate process. You should contact a reliable recovery company to restore all the data safely.Call our customer services at (888) 611-0737 to request our highly qualified recovery solutions. Or fill in a request help form to start your case right away.