Recovering Corrupted Files on a Crucial T700
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A Crucial T700 is a data storage device for individuals and organizations. It allows for the secure and safe storage of important files, documents, and other essential data. However, like any other technology, these devices are flexible and can experience issues that may result in file corruption.

File corruption happens when data stored on a device becomes unusable due to errors or damages, leading to data loss. In this blog post, we delve into an incident that one of our customers recently encountered with their Crucial T700 SSD, bringing to light the complexities and challenges of file corruption.

Understanding Crucial T700 File Corruption

Our recent customer, a professional photographer, heavily relies on their Crucial T700 2 TB Portable SSD to store high-resolution images and video content. The SSD’s extensive capacity is crucial for their workflow, allowing for large collections of media files to be readily available during photo shoots and post-production. Unfortunately, the customer could not access the stored data after a software update on their computer.

This led to a critical disruption in their ability to meet client deadlines and, consequently, a potential loss of income and professional reputation.
Upon encountering the corrupt files issue with the Crucial T700 SSD, customers contacted our data recovery company’s customer service line for assistance. To address this challenge, we offer our clients a remote file validation session. This solution enables customers to conveniently and securely confirm their retrieved data independently. After observing the remote file verification session online, he engaged with PITS Global Data Recovery Services.

Evaluation of Crucial T700 2TB SSD

Our team of experts carefully examined the Crucial T700 SSD to determine the cause of file corruption. Upon review and assessment, we found that a particular system error had affected the data stored on the SSD, leading to file corruption.

The customer’s computer used an unsupported file system, which resulted in write errors and eventually caused file corruption on the Crucial T700 SSD.

Additionally, the customer’s computer had multiple failed attempts to read and write files on the device, further worsening the issue. Customers are provided with the necessary assistance after contacting our customer service line regarding the problem with the crucial T700 SSD. 


We offer and send a shipping label for your convenience. The broken device must be packed safely for secure transport to our lab for further testing and evaluation.

Data Recovery Process of Crucial T700

Upon receiving the Crucial T700 2TB Portable SSD, our lab technicians initiated the data recovery process with a thorough evaluation phase. Upon securing a clone, a series of diagnostic tests determined the nature and extent of corruption, pinpointing the areas that require focused recovery efforts.

Our data recovery specialists conduct a methodical restoration process after comprehensively assessing corruption issues and recovery possibilities. This involves creating a full bit-by-bit drive copy, enabling us to operate on a replicated image while safeguarding the original data’s integrity throughout the recovery process.

Crucial T700 Recovery

Following the initial evaluation, the data recovery team employed advanced tools to address the file system errors identified in the diagnostic phase. These tools meticulously scanned the cloned image, recovering files and reconstructing the data structure.

Successful Data Recovery Process

All recovered data underwent rigorous validation in the final recovery step to ensure file integrity and usability.

After successfully restoring data, our team recovered all the vital data stored on the damaged Crucial T700 SSD, including high-resolution images and video files crucial to our customers’ professional projects.

Conclusion of Crucial T700 SSD Recovery

In conclusion, the scenario of the professional photographer and their Crucial T700 SSD highlights the importance of data integrity for personal and professional sustainability. Our thorough assessment and recovery procedures showcase our dedication to offering dependable and secure data retrieval services. This effective recovery validates the proficiency of PITS Global Data Recovery Services and emphasizes the significance of resilient data recovery solutions for unforeseen circumstances.

Contact our team for assistance in recovering your vital data, ensuring a swift return to your professional or personal activities with minimal interruption. Our committed specialists are available to support you through each phase of the recovery process with professionalism and attentiveness.

FAQ - Crucial T700 SSD Recovery

File corruption can occur for various reasons, such as errors, unsupported file systems, and failed read/write attempts.

Data recovery involves utilizing sophisticated tools and tailor-made recovery algorithms designed to decipher and interpret atypical data patterns, enabling the retrieval of lost or corrupted information with precision and efficiency.

The recovery time frame can vary depending on the extent of corruption and the data size. After the initial evaluation, we can provide a more accurate time estimate for the completion of the data recovery process.

While we strive to recover all files, the success rate can depend on the extent of the corruption and the condition of the storage device. Our advanced tools and custom algorithms are designed to recover the maximum possible data.

Every stage of the recovery process is conducted under strict data security protocols to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data. Our facilities are secure, and we adhere to industry best practices for data privacy.