Crucial X9 Portable SSD Data Recovery
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Crucial’s portable SSD has consistently been among the top external SSDs in several technology publications. It is a popular backup solution for Windows and Mac users, offering ample storage for essential videos, photos, and documents.

However, accidental deletion or formatting without a backup can result in permanent file loss. This article will show how we successfully recovered lost data from a Crucial X9 Portable SSD.

Data Loss on Crucial X9 Pro External SSD

Our recent customer, a professional photographer, encountered a significant setback when their Crucial X9 Pro 2TB portable SSD, a device integral to their workflow, suddenly became unrecognizable by their Windows 11 system. This SSD stored a collection of high-resolution photos and videos spanning years, vital for upcoming professional projects and an extensive archive of past works.

Initially, he took the device to a local data recovery service, hoping for a quick fix, but was disappointed. After some research, the photographer discovered our renowned data recovery services that promised solutions and the confidentiality and safety of his invaluable data.

Relying on our experience and positive client feedback, he contacted us, hoping we could fix the problem with his Crucial X9 Pro portable SSD.

Crucial X9 Pro Portable SSD Recovery

Upon receiving the client’s request, our team quickly arranged an appointment to assess the device in our lab. Understanding the urgency, we promptly generated a shipping label to speed up the Crucial X9 Pro 2TB portable SSD delivery to our data recovery lab. Once the device arrived, our experts carried out a thorough evaluation to determine the reason for the failure. Our team guaranteed we would try to recover their data before their deadline.

Evaluation Process for Crucial X9 Portable SSD

Upon further examination, it became clear that the power supply problem was due to a malfunctioning connection port. This common issue can prevent an SSD from being recognized by a computer, leading to the misconception that the drive is faulty. Subsequently, they meticulously disassembled the SSD to examine its internal components with a microscope, looking for any signs of physical damage or wear that might impact its operation. Checking everything is important because even small problems could stop the computer from recognizing the SSD.

After verifying the power supply issue, our next task involved skillfully bypassing the faulty port and establishing a direct link to the internal components of the SSD. This process demanded precision and expertise, as any error could result in permanent data loss. We managed to access the drive’s contents using specialized tools and techniques without causing any damage.

Crucial X9 Portable SSD Recovery Steps

With the crucial power problems fixed, our team could now focus on retrieving the client’s valuable data from the Crucial X9 Pro 2TB portable SSD. The key to a successful recovery is carefully bypassing the malfunctioning connection port, preventing the computer from recognizing the SSD. Our experts used precise tools and methods to connect directly to the SSD’s internal circuitry.

Crucial X9 Pro Portable External SSD Data Recovery

By establishing a stable connection to the internal components, we could access the stored data, paving the way for the next phase of the recovery process.

Effective Data Retrieval

Once we established a secure connection with the SSD, our team began the data recovery process. This involved creating an image of the drive and working with this copy throughout the recovery process, minimizing stress on the original device.

The next step was identifying and extracting specific files from the image using advanced data recovery tools and techniques. Our experienced team meticulously combed through the image to locate critical files, including high-resolution photos and videos that were essential for our client.


After transferring the data, we conducted a thorough file verification session to ensure the integrity and completeness of the recovered files. This meticulous approach guarantees our clients can seamlessly resume their professional activities with their valuable data restored.

In conclusion, this case underscores the vital role of professional data recovery services in saving invaluable digital assets from seemingly irreparable situations. Our successful retrieval of the client’s crucial photos and videos from the Crucial X9 Pro 2TB Portable SSD showcases our expertise and commitment to safeguarding our clients’ data.

Whether it’s accidental deletion, formatting, or severe physical damage, our team can handle all kinds of data loss scenarios and provide the best recovery. Contact our specialist team today for a consultation and take the first step toward secure and efficient data recovery. Our dedication to excellence and cutting-edge technology ensures that your data has the best chance of recovery.

FAQ - Crucial X9 Pro Recovery

Indications of a power supply problem with a Crucial X9 Pro SSD may involve the device not being detected by your computer or not powering on at all. You may also observe occasional disconnections or power failures while using it. Furthermore, unusual sounds or the lack of typical operational noises from the device could signal power issues.

A defective connection port can significantly impact the functionality of an SSD, preventing the device from establishing a proper connection with the computer. As a result, the SSD may go unrecognized, resulting in the inability to access or transfer data.

Retrieving data from a physically damaged SSD is possible but requires specialized tools and knowledge. The recovery outcome relies heavily on the extent of damage and the capability to reach the drive’s memory chips without further risking data integrity.

To reduce the chances of potential data loss on your SSD in the future, make sure to back up your data frequently to different places, like an external hard drive and a cloud storage service. Also, ensure your SSD’s firmware is kept up to date and steer clear of extreme temperatures, and physical impacts.

The time taken for data recovery on a Crucial X9 Pro SSD can differ widely based on the severity of the damage and the particular problems faced. For straightforward cases with minor issues, recovery might be completed within a few days. However, the process could extend to several weeks for more complex situations involving severe damage or intricate recovery procedures.