Flash drives are popular media devices that store essential data of desktop and laptop computer users worldwide. People use these drives for their valuable data with them and often use them as backups. 

The significance of flash drives is very high, so it is essential to monitor devices’ condition regularly. Still, failure can happen unexpectedly and cause many issues for the user.

Flash Drive Failure Symptoms

A flash drive collapse can not stay unnoticed. Malfunction can happen unpredictably but will definitely display it as soon as you connect the drive to your laptop or desktop computer.

There are different reasons why access to valuable files can be lost, so it is vital to understand the reasons and, consequently, understand how to avoid them.

Reasons for Flash Drive Failure

Mechanical Damages

Accidental File Deletion


Destructive Malware

Every flash drive user has faced a failure problem at least once. This problem can occur in various scenarios – and it can be without realizing that something is not correct. But every flash drive failure leads to severe consequences, and even if it may seem negligible loss of data now, it may become a significant loss of data in time of need.

There are various states of a flash drive that may indicate failure.

  • The flash drive is recognized but shows 0 Mb.
  • The flash drive is defined by the OS but shows less capacity.
  • The flash drive is recognized, but access to the data is lost. 
  • The computer does not identify the flash drive.
  • Hardware-level data encryption.

If you connect the device to your computer and notice any of the signs mentioned above, you are facing a flash drive failure.

If your media storage device malfunction occurs, it leads to severe consequences, including complete data loss. Our data recovery engineers realize how popular flash drives are but do not recommend using them for the long term. 

These devices are too susceptible to failures, and it is better to entrust all your data to the external hard drive or NAS without worrying about its state. We also recommend performing regular backups of your internal storage device to avoid losing any important data. There are several tips on backup from our specialists.

How To Prevent Flash Drive Data Loss 

As with all media storage devices, the most efficient way to avoid disaster is to frequently back up all essential data. Without a safe backup, a single problem with the flash drive can lead to the files’ inaccessibility, data corruption, and complete loss. To prevent it, you should treat your flash drive appropriately.

Keeping the device in proper conditions and not exposing it to extreme temperatures, humidity or pressure will help you keep the drive for longer. Incorrect removal of the flash drive may corrupt the files and the whole file system. But still, even with these steps, failure will occur someday.

What to Do if Failure Occurred?

PITS Global Data Recovery Services has thousands of successfully completed recovery cases on its account and has all the technologies.

Our data recovery specialists regularly attend qualification courses and obtain certificates. Hence, we can guarantee our clients that recovering lost files from any kind of flash drive is possible with our top-level services.

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