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We love to share our works with our page visitors. The below posts are from the data recovery cases we received.

Spindle Motor Change in ISO Class 10 Cleanroom

Spindle motor change is one of the most very complex processes we practice almost every month to recover the critical data of customers. This process requires precision and clean work without any mistake mistakes. The process looks like to the human brain operation, one mistake, and the data lost is guaranteed. The process strictly requires…

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Corruption of the SA Modules

The clicking sound does not always mean that the magnetic read/write heads assembly has a major mechanical problem and needs to be replaced. Damaged firmware modules of a hard drive can cause such easily audible sounds. To explain it in simple words, magnetic heads when they float over the platter surface by the command of…

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ASUSTOR AS7012RDX –> RAID 6 volumes were damaged

  Do brand-new, modern, and high-capacity data storage devices guarantee 100% safety? Unfortunately, they do not. More and more companies/organizations depend on data for their daily operation. If the data is the backbone of your business too, bear in mind that no device can be considered 100% safe. Terabytes of data stored on a single…

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Synology DiskStation DS716+ RAID Data Recovery

In our all post we have always pointed out the necessity of having a good backup plan. Why is it so important? Simply because having such a plan costs less compared to data recovery prices. Data backup solutions that different manufacturers offer today allow you to back up specific data on your computer in real-time….

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Monolithic flash drive construction

By the time, design of electronic devices seems attractive, while the internal structure becomes even more complicated. Examples include monolithic USB flash cards. Monolithic flash drive construction was pioneered as a way to further shrink flash drives by compacting their components into a smaller, more durable package. Unlike others, memory in monolithic drives is wedded…

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Notes in the mobile phone

One of the young Russian writers arrived in our city, looking for fresh ideas on the eve of her new work. According to her, while walking in the streets of old Baku, she was immediately writing down her mind thoughts to the Notes in the mobile phone, fearing to forget something if written later. Unfortunately,…

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A successful head swap operation in Cleanroom

A successful head swap operation is an essential part of the data recovery process. Appropriate and precise tools are needed while executing such operations because disk manufacturers do not bother themselves with providing repair tools that come with the drive. The tools we and other data recovery companies use are not meant for repairing the…

Cleanroom Data Recovery Hard Drive Recovery
Hard Drive Head Swap Operation

Starting Monday off right with a successful head swap operation on a fallen Seagate hard drive. The drive has been opened previously “just to check where the unusual sound comes from”. Before the swap operation, the original read/write heads need to be thoroughly examined both with naked eyes and under a microscope for possible damages…

Cleanroom Data Recovery Hard Drive Recovery
Data Recovery from RAID5 capable DHI-NVR5864-4KS2 64

Summer vacations are over and the business months have just started. Some IT equipment that left unattended during the vacation may cause minor and sometimes quite major troubles for IT personnel who are in charge of information technology management. Data loss cases also fit into this category. RAID5 capable DHI-NVR5864-4KS2 64 Channel Network Video Recorder…

DVR Data Recovery
Delegate your problem to Experts

It is always wise to delegate your problem to experts whenever your RAID Array drives die on you. Over the years, many companies avoided RAID failure scenarios simply by getting a piece of advice from our experts. And this consultation is absolutely free of charge. According to our observations, only 50-60% of businesses are confident…

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