SSD Data Recovery (Micron)

Solid-state drives are much more robust compared to traditional hard drives. They have no moving parts and thanks to it, SSDs are more durable and resistant to sudden vibrations and shocks. Fire damage, however, can be severe for any kind of storage devices. Causes of a fire can be different. It can be triggered when circuits, wires are overloaded by too much electricity. Durability does not mean indestructibility. To a question “what SSD is the best to use” our answer would be “The one that has a backup”. This is true for all devices out there that carry data. Just like traditional magnetic hard drives, solid-state drives too, have their own failure points. Beware of the extra “cheap” SSD drives. They usually would not last as long as you may expect. On the other hand, a speedy and costly SSD doesn’t immediately means secure, reliable and free-from-faults drive. Let’s be honest with you. When was the last time you did actually check the warranty terms of the hard drive you just bought? The possibility is very slim. We speak from our own experience. The media that you use to carry your valuable data, must be reliable. We know that SSDs are more accessible to masses as their prices have dropped dramatically in the past couple of years. Sure, the rising higher-capacity-and-lower-prices trend is tempting, but just like any device, SSDs can go bad. They can be naughty in their own way. Their controller often becomes a usual suspect, although the PCB issues are not rare as well.