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We love to share our works with our page visitors. The below posts are from the data recovery cases we received.

The Value of Data

️Value – it is the importance, worth, significance given to an item, event or a word. Sometimes, after receiving a price proposal for the data recovery service, Client protests stating that the data does not worth that money. In the meantime, another category claims that data stored in the disk/card is of a big value…

Cleanroom Data Recovery Hard Drive Recovery
Database Recovery from failed Server SAS drives

If you decided to run your database off on a RAID configuration, there are two types of activity to consider – reading and writing performance. When it comes to data writing, the RAID5 Array is relatively slow. It goes through at least four different disk operations to write data. With enough busy database server, it…

Raid Data Recovery Server Data Recovery
A Cell Phone Recovery

A cell phone is the most important innovation that has a tremendous impact on society and the world. Cell phones have actually been one of the primary drivers in productivity improvements. We use them to send/receive information, read the news, listen to music, resolve the problems, shoot special moments, negotiate business deals or express our…

Phone Data Recovery
Behave responsibly with RAID Arrays

️RAID failures may occur for several reasons: In case of failure of one member drive; In case of failure of more than one member drive; In cases not related to driving failure (controller problem or operation error). One of the RAID5 arrays drives failed. Immediately after problem inspection, our client started to change it with…

Raid Data Recovery
Expensive Seagate FreePlay Donor Drives

There are a number of factors that have an impact on a difficulty level and the cost of data recovery process. For example: whether a drive has a logical problem; is the magnetic head assembly damaged; what is the manufacturer brand of the drive and etc. Some HDD brands require more attention and specific approach….

Hard Drive Recovery
VMWare ESXi Data Recovery

Virtualization, for sure, has own specific advantages, but it adds complexity to disaster and data recovery operations. Multiple servers on a single machine and virtualization platform allow us to use hardware resources more efficiently. However, if server monitoring measures are not present, in the event of a machine crash, multiple servers may become inaccessible at…

Raid Data Recovery
RAID system might end up being damaged

A new year does not change some old rules. And one of those rules states that “If you are not careful, your uncontrolled RAID system might end up being damaged”. Happens all the time and gives tough times to a person who bears direct responsibility for data loss cases. At this very time, our RAID…

Raid Data Recovery
Disintegration of the Spindle Motor

One of the physical problems encountered in hard drives is the disintegration of the drive motor. The failure is usually caused by the hard drive’s fluid dynamic bearing seizing. In that kind of cases, it is possible to detect the following symptoms: The hard disk starts to fade and immediately stops. Other types of hard…

Hard Drive Recovery
A Happy Customer

The HDD depicted in the photo has gone through certain obstacles. Initially, the drive was presented to us after when we uncovered the complicated logical problem and certain signs of physical damage. The client decided to try recovery in data recovery companies of a few countries in Eurasia. Unfortunately, those endeavors went useless and the…

Hard Drive Recovery
DVR disk

Last day of this week we started with the recovery of video records from the DVR disk. That was the fourth case of the ongoing month with similar problems. The client requested recovery of video files within the required time frame. Thus, the needed files were recovered and went very helpful for our Client.

DVR Data Recovery